Things I loved about Bali.

BALI. Before I went to Bali, I heard people say a lot of things about it. Some told me that knowing me, I will definitely get very bored for 8 days in Bali. Some said “Oh, Bali is just like Goa.” People said a lot, but what I experienced in my much needed vacation in Bali was unlike anything else. It gave me exactly what I was looking for in my vacation. I fell in love with Bali.

There is a lot of stuff that I want to, and I am going to share about this vacation in Bali and this post is just the beginning of that. So these are the things I loved about Bali.


Food of course! I knew this even before I reached Bali. Whatever Indoneasian food that I have tried in Mumbai, I have loved and I just couldnt wait to explore beyond my limited knowledge of this food. And BOY I was a happy soul! From the brilliant Satay’s of all kinds of meat to the gorgeous Nasi Gorengs and the Nasi Campurs…and don’t even get me started on the surreally fresh sea food that you get in some areas of Bali! No restrictions on what to eat, everyone from the strictest of the vegans to the carnivores have a huge variety of options available at their disposal and that too at unbelievable prices. I am going to do a detailed blog post on the food that you should have in Bali, but for starters all I can say is that Bali is truly a food lovers paradise.

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One of the many things that I absolutely love about travelling is to see and experience first hand, the way people across the world live. Bali is a place of wonderful people. The first thing that I noticed about the people here is that they are just Happy people. They are content and happy to  do the jobs they do and with the lives that they have. Initially, I thought that maybe this is the reason that they havent really realized Bali to its full potential. But as the days progressed, I realized that, isn’t the sole purpose of our being -happiness? And these people are just happy and always smiling! And trust me, their happiness is infectious! I came back from Bali a content person and much more appreciative of the beautiful life that I have been given.


Out of all the placed I have travelled around the world, I think that New Zealand is the most beautiful and scenic country. But honestly, I couldn’t really enjoy the beauty of that place due to the extreme cold there! It was literally freezing! But Bali has extremely favorable weather for tourists.Their maximum temperature goes up to 30 degrees and the lowest to 22 degrees.



Who doesn’t need a drink on vacation right? And when in Bali, you absolutely have to try their local “Bintang Beer”. Cheap as hell and absolutely light and refreshing, this Beer was such a delight to have on my trip. The best part here is that beer is available at “tapris” too! Like, a person selling coconut water on the street will be selling beer too..yes…legally!

Apart from the beer, restaurants and shacks across Bali serve some great and pretty looking cocktails which you must try! (yes I love my cocktails with an umbrella in it :P).



Let me start by giving you a tip. When you are looking for a washroom, say “toilet”. The people there don’t get “washroom”. Yes, I was directed to a laundry when I asked for a washroom. 😛

The thing about Bali is that tourism is their primary source of income and they really want to please the tourists. All the public washrooms are absolutely clean and that is such a relief considering the huge “nariyal panis” that you get there. And ofcourse, unlike the west, all their toilets come with a “bidet spray” and lets be honest, that is a BIG RELIEF!


Petrol is frigging 30 INR a litre. Yes! Petrol and water and beer are the same cost! If you can ride two wheelers, dont think twice before making that your mode of transport in Bali.


Bali is cheap. Really cheap. 1 INR is equal to 200 Balinese Rp. and 1 USD is like 13,200 Balinese Rp. This being said, everything in Bali is in multiples of 1000. So a cold drink is for 8000 Balinese Rp. which would be INR 40.

Bali is not expensive unless ofcourse you want to stay at expensive 5 star hotels and eat there too. I try to eat, drink, shop and live local and a local meal in Bali shouldnt cost you more than 150 INR.


Bali is, contrary to what people say, not a place for “retired people” or “honeymooners”. It literally is for everyone! Couples who wanna stay in, families who need a break or sole travellers in pursuit of experiences…..Bali has a lot for every kind of tourist!


So, these were some of the many reasons that I was absolutely smitten by Bali. I am going to be writing a lot more on what to eat in Bali and what to do in Bali very soon. So stay tuned for that! 🙂




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