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What is it that you think of when you think of ‘Stables’. a rustic, almost coarse and imperfect kind of place right?
It is these very qualities that are so great about the newly launched “Stables India”. maintaining the vibe of the Dubai outlet, this place located in Saki Naka, has managed to encompass this very charm in its individualistic “Bombay” charm!
Stables is,.since Not Just Jazz By The Bay shut down, the only place in the city that has some great Jazz music gigs through out the week. They have some absolutely fabulous artists playing which is the biggest USP of this place!
Apart from a great selection of beers and spirits, the bartender at Stables mixes up some really good cocktails and mocktails too!
My favorite has to be the Wind Suck which is an absolutely refreshing concoction of Fresh Cucumber, Vodka, Lemon juice and Orange!
The Strawberry Mint is one mocktail that you shouldn’t miss! Minty, fruity and refreshing this one is so good that I contemplated not drinking alcohol and sticking to this one (I didn’t though) :p
Call me cheap  but one of the things that I adore about this place is their freshly made Popcorn that is complimentary for all tables! It is addictive AF!
My other addiction here is their Chicken Nachos! Unlike the other Nachos that you are served in the city, the chef here has given a unique attention to detail on all the elements that compromise of a fabulous portion of Nachos! From the appropriation of the cheese to the fresh guacamole, and ofcourse the smashing Barbeque chicken….this one is a must have!
Being a sucker.for seafood that I am, I also quite liked their Fritto Misto (Fried Prawns & Calamari) which was fried to perfection! could’ve done with a little more seasoning though!
The Burgers here are something the chef here prides on and rightly so! The Heart Attack Burger is nothing short of epic and you must go for it if you are ready to royally indulge! It’s been, bacon and everything that is good in the world between breads and is accompanied by these gorgeous house fried chips which you can’t get enough of!
The Shepard’s Pie here, though a little indianised, is quite pleasing to the palate and is totally one.of those.comfort foods that you can eat all by yourself!
Though the stick sauce and the creamy ice cream in the Sticky Toffee Pudding was absolutely smashing, the hero of the dish – “the pudding” was quite a disappointment and is avoidable. Go for the Chocolate Fondant instead!
DSCN8046.JPG all, the thing about this place that makes you wanna go back is  not any individual attraction but a cumulation of everything from it’s decor, it’s music, the food ,the drinks and of course the Popcorn!
It has definitely managed to live up to the expectations set by the Dubai outlet and has become one of my to go places for a chill Friday night!
Do.keep checking their Facebook page for upcoming gigs and plan your visit accordingly!
Until next time..

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