The Farzi Experience!

The idea behind the inception of Farzi Café was quite simple really – “To bring the lost beauty of Indian Food back in fashion”. Everything since the day Farzi Café was born, has been about they can ameliorate this very vision.

Farzi café manages to showcase Indian food in a light that has never been shown or done before and they do that while maintaining the authenticity and most importantly respecting the dignity, which is the whole and sole crux of Indian cuisine.

Farzi Café literally means –“creating an illusion” with its cuisine and it truly does. Farzi is one of the very few places in Mumbai which caters equally to the night life loving youngsters as well as the “good meal” loving family crowd. It is a place where guests can enjoy fine food using the finest and freshest ingredients, relax, conduct meetings, catch up with friends, spend some time away from the craziness of their day-to-day lives or simply let their hair lose with the fabulous music they play.

The very first thing that you will notice and love about Farzi Café is the comfort that it emits from its very look. It truly almost calls to you at the end of a long and hard day.

Farzi has always been very popular for their cocktails (and their bartenders: P) and I for one exactly knew which cocktails I wanted to have. The Apple Foamintini is a beautiful, subtly and fruity version of an Apple Martini. It is gorgeous to look at and even better to sip on!

Apple Foamintini

Another cocktail that I really enjoyed was the smooth, sweet and almost bitter Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Chuski Margarita is a great take on the regular Margarita and sucking on the gola like chuski will take you back to Chowpatty beach!

The Farzi Ok is a great option for the teetotalers who love fruity mocktails and is an extremely refreshing change from the usual boring mocktails that you are forced to have everywhere.

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The food at Farzi Café is quirky, yet chic and the guests here can truly experience the finest of modern Indian food using elements of molecular gastronomy for showcasing some of the iconic dishes from around the world in a way that’s never been seen before. Before I write about what I ate and what I loved, I have to just say that Farzi Café is extremely, like really extremely, well priced for the experience that they provide to its patrons. I am more than just sure about the fact that NO ONE will ever come out of Farzi and say “NOT WORTH IT!”

No matter what you order at Farzi, your meal always starts with their signature Amuse Bouche which is a sphere of Mishti Dohi. This sphere bursts your mouth and tantalizes your taste buds enough to welcome the plethora of amazing experiences to follow!

Amuse Bouche

I have had duck at a lot of places in the city and very few have managed to live up to my fabulous experience in Thailand. The Chilly Duck Samosa at Farzi is a definite contender for the same. The samosa is saucy and crispy and the duck filling is just too flavorful!

Chilli Duck Samosa

The Braised Lamb Chops are another dish that you just cannot miss at Farzi. The flavors and the masala on the lamb are brilliant, but what heroes the dish is the extremely superior and almost artistic cook on the meat.

Lamb Chops

I can, without any sliver of doubt in my mind, vouch for the fact the Pork Belly at Farzi Café is one of the finest that you will eat in your life. Crispy, yet melt in the mouth, this one is a must have for the Pork eaters out there.

Pork Belly

The Chicken Dak is a great option for the Chicketarians out there. However if you are a lover of Fish and Prawns, the Grainy Mustard Fish Tikka and the Prawns Tempura is a must have! The Prawns are fried to absolute perfection ad are served with a Nimbu foam which totally adds to the experience of eating this amazing dish.

Chicken Dak
Tempura Prawns with Nimbu Foam
Kheema Stuffed Roti
Beef Strips

The Vegetarians too, have some fabulous options to choose from out of which my personal favorites are:

The Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kachori, which is a crunchy and rich Kachori served with some masala kathan and a beautiful rassa reduction. If you have never had a good Pyaaz Ki Kachori in Mumbai, try it here!

Pyaaz ki Kachori

The Besant Nagar Chilly Fritters are crunchy fried chilies’ (not spicy) stuffed with mozzarella cheese and these are sure to amaze you with the easy yet ingenious version of the Indian delicacy.


I personally, given my immense love for Upma, loved the Upma and Curried Mozzarella bites, but if you don’t really enjoy this South Indian delicacy, you might want to stay away from this one.


The Malaya Prawns are an absolute not to miss when it comes to the main course. Served with gorgeous South Indian appams, this coconuty prawn preparation is creamy, rich, indulgent and an absolutely fabulous take on the classic.

Malaya Prawns

The Shawarma Biryani, which is also artistically served like the miniature shawarma, is a great take on the usual biryani. The meat is fabulously cooked and the rice is nice and fragrant. You should totally try this if you love Biryani…then again, who doesn’t? 😛

Shawarma Biryani

One dessert that I knew I wanted to have, even before I entered Farzi Café, was their Parle G Cheesecake. This dessert, is almost like a beautiful tribute to our childhood with a creamy cheesecake being sandwiched in Parle G Biscuits, served in a dreamy and creamy milk custard and topped with Gems. Though the dessert sound too sweet, it is in reality very well balanced and truly is a must have here.

Parle G Cheesecake

The Chocolate Dirt Pile is “the one” for chocolate lovers. This one is nothing but berries, almonds brownies and rice crispies just overloaded with chocolate…and guess what? IT WORKS! If you are ever feeling down, just head to Farzi and have a bowlful of this for yourself! I know I will! (Infact, I think I already feel a little down: P).

BeFunky Collage.jpg
Chocolate Dirt Pile (before pouring the chocolate & after pouring the chocolate)

Many a times, especially with restaurants trying to do “something different”, while chasing the dexterity of it all, the grace and elegance of a cuisine is forgotten. The best part about Farzi is that they have dedicated their restaurant solely to put Indian cuisine on the global map in a manner that no one else has!

I can now say that a meal at Farzi Café, is a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional Indian cuisine, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavors, Farzi Café presents Indian cuisine where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion.

Until next time….

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