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Every individual in this world has their own personal meaning and definition of each word. “Perfection” for me is a thing or a person I would change nothing about!

We have, throughout our life been told that “Nothing is Perfect”! But as I marched forward in life, I have along the way known to accept and believe some countable “Perfect” things & people! Shahrukh Khan, Mom’s Fried Bombil, Harry Potter, Katrina Kaif’s Abs, all dogs and well…Bali (I frigging love that country!).

Last night, at the end of what was an epic meal at Summer House Cafe, I concluded that this place needed to be added to my well thought of list of “Perfect” things in the world! Why? Simple…there was not even a 0.1% thing about this place that I would change!

Located inside Todi Mills, Summer House Cafe is an absolutely spacious and cavernous space with minimalist yet classy interiors. This place is somewhere you would want to work as well as chill with a great cocktail!

The latter isn’t a problem at all given the fact that Summer House Cafe boasts of some of the finest cocktails in the city! The Invented From Scratch and the Blow My Socks Off  are two cocktails that you absolutely shouldn’t miss here. The use of fresh ingredients to with the perfect combination of the alcohol being used us something that this place has nailed!

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Summer House boasts of a great selection of both unique and classic food. The major USP of this place though is the fact that even classic food like Nachos and Nuggets have been done in a way that elevates the dish to a whole another level!

The Rocket & Shrimp Salad  is a delicately flavored and healthy salad which heroes both the freshness of the rocket leaves and the beauty of the prawns.


The Chicken Nachos  are something you should definitely order in a big group of people. A perfect bar snack elevated to a dish that you can eat without any alcohol…this is truly the best way to describe this dish!


Whenever I see Chicken Nuggets on the menu, I turn away cos it reminds me of those unhealthy deep fried nuggets available everywhere. The Homemade Chicken Nuggets  st Summer house however are different! Way Different! Tender shredded chicken and gourmet cheese nuggets fried to perfection….these nuggets you cant stop eating!


The Seafood Basket  is a must order if you are a seafood lover! Its a basket of some delicious fried calamari, prawns and fish and you wont stop popping these in your mouth!


The two dishes that defined perfection here were the Bacon Wrapped Sausages and the Curry Leaf Prawn Skewers. Both these dishes were unlike anything you get in the city and were truly the best dishes that I have eaten in a long time! Too bloody good!



The must have classic mains here are the Red Thai Curry which is one of the best versions of the classic in the city! This is in particular commendable given the fact that this is not a “Thai restaurant”.

The Chicken Kra Pao too was authentic and absolutely fabulous!


The Baked Pomfret served with a gorgeous chunky tomato sauce and paprika rice is the ideal one dish meal for someone looking for a delicious yet healthy meal!


Summerhouse also has come fab Italian food and the Pizzas here are delicious and absolutely and authentically Italian!


The Prawn & Sphagetti with Parmesan Sauce is truly one of the best pastas in the city and totally matched up to the ones I had tried in Italy!


After such a great experience with the food, just as I was wondering whether the desserts would match up, guess what? They did more than just match up! Both the Tiramisu and the Ultimate Banoffee Pie are incredible desserts made from the best and highest quality products out there and are a perfect end to a perfect meal at a perfect place!

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All in all, ever since my visit to Summer House Cafe, I havent stopped raving about the place to everyone I know! Apart from the fab food & drinks, they have some great events happening each day of the week! So keep checking their events on the page and go visit for an experience that you will never forget!

Until next time…

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