Spa Experience At Novotel Hyderabad

When you think vacations, what do you think of?

Good Food and good relaxation right!? I mean think about it… matter what type of vacation you go for, these two things remain constant!

I have already spoken about how amazing the food at Novotel is! But let me tell you about their incredibly relaxing Spa Experience!

I have had a lot of amazing Spa experiences in my life! But what sets a place apart for me is the products that they use in the Spa!

Novotel Hyderabad, in that aspect, is right up there! Absolutely beautiful fragrant products that, when combined with the incredibly talented masseuses, gives you an experience like no other!

Also, one of the major perks of this Spa experience is that it is relatively cheaper than most of the other ones I have tried. The quality however, remains equally good, if not better 😊

So next time you visit Hyderabad and are in need for some relaxation, absolutely DO VISIT the spa at Novotel Hotel & Convention Centre and experience it for yourself!

Refreshed after an amazing Spa Experience at Novotel

You can also check out my entire video experience through the IGTV Link below:

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