Ramashray – A Gem in itself!!!!!

ramashraya  In a NUTSHELL

1. Food – Amazing…Mind Blowing!

2. Service – Fast & Super Efficient 🙂 (Tip them well!!)

3.  Worth It – If this is not Value For Money, I donno What The Heck is!!



Ramashray ! Doesn’t sound very “Fine Dining” types, does it? Well, Don’t even expect anything like that (or even close to that for that matter)!!

Ramashray is a through and through South Indian Cuisine restaurant! Don’t expect even the “F” of Fancy!!!! The Ambience is not even worth mentioning!

But guess what? The Food, ONLY THE FOOD, more than makes up for it! So much so, that even if you reach there at 6 am, there will be a long line of people waiting before you! Such is the power of FOOD no??

Ramashray doesn’t have a Menu Card! Yet, their Menu is much more extensive than most of the places you will ever go to!

Lets Start with the Dosas… AAH, the Dosas!! I can go on and on and on about them itself!! Ramashray provide around 150 types of Dosas in Total!! I have managed to try the following ones:

Heaven in itself!

1. The Rava Onion Mysore Dosa – TOP of the Bunch! This, according to me is the best Dosa they offer!! I am sure everyone has eaten Dosa at several places in Mumbai. But I can even more surely vouch for the fact that the Dosa at Ramashray will be the Best!!! The Mysore Marsala they apply inside the Dosa is Bloody Amazing! Bloody Amazing!!!!! The Dosa is crispy and crunchy and the best part…. WAIT FOR IT…..no limit or no extra charge on that amazing chutney and sambar they give with it!!!! 😛


2. The Ulundu Dosa – An Ulundu Dosa, is a Dosa made out of Urad Dal. Though it is pretty nice and very healthy, I Would suggest that you just forget about  Calories and have the Rava Dosa!!



3. The Neer Dosa –  Neer Dosa is this extremely thin Dosa, made out of Rice! It is very similar to a “Ghavan” (Maharashtrian Delicacy). Neer in the South Indian language, means “Water”! The name “Neer Dosa” comes from the fact that this dosa is as thin and fine as Water!! Before Ramashray, I have always eaten Neer Dosa with Chicken Sukka and relished it!! I was under the impression that this Dosa, without the Sukka Chicken would be extremely Bland!! But Boy was I wrong or what!!!! Ramashray serves this Dosa with an amazing sweet grated coconut mixture! The Dosa itself has a lot of flavour to it, and when combined with this coconut accompaniment, it adds magic to the whole dish!! Definitely recommended! (I wouldn’t recommend that you parcel this, cos the dosas stick together and then the whole “thin” quality of the Dosa is lost!!)


Ramashray, is extremely famous for its  Bisi Bele Bhat!!  Bisi Bele Bhat is a traditional south Indian dish, where white rice is cooked with lentils, spices and tamarind! The Bisi Bele Bhat here is perfectly sour and hot! The beautiful flavours of the ghee, nutmeg and curry leaves, come through extremely well in their preparations!!! This comes along with tiny fried crispies and a yogurt salad! Whenever I get a chance, I make sure I go and eat this here! This amazing dish is priced at …. Wait For It… 40 Rupees!!!! PS . They run out of this by 6.30 pm….ALWAYS!!!!


Another Delicacy, which is a must try at this place is their Upma Pudi. The Upma is so amazingly soft and fresh ( Even at 7pm)!! And NO… There is no excessive ghee or oil used in it! Dont know how they do it! This dish, is basically this beautiful Upma which has very subtle flavours, smothered with ” Pudi” (Gun Powder) which adds the oomph to that subtility of the Upma! I love this dish with all my tongue, glands and heart!! 😛



Last, but in NO FRIGGING WAY the least is the Filter Coffee. I am a huge Starbucks loyalist, I agree I am!! But i can vouch for the fact that, Nothing!! No coffee in the world can beat this one!! Refreshing, strong and so so aromatic!! I can never stop on One Coffee!! Getting out of Ramashray without having Filter Coffee, deserves CAPITAL PUNISHMENT :P!!

In all, Ramashray is one of my favoritest places to go to, specially at the end of the Month (when my salary is close to extinction :P)! Must visit for people who havent been here AND for people who have, TIME TO GO AGAIN, No?? 🙂




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