Quick Getaway to Nasik!

Vacations are a means to break away from the monotony of life. But what does one do when these quick vacations themselves become monotonous? I faced a similar issue recently where ALL (not almost….ALL) my weekend breaks were in Lonavla…..long weekend?….Quick Getaway……Monsoons…..Winters…..Festivals…..ALL IN LONAVLA!

So, I decided last month, that it was time to break the shackles of my very serious first world problem and before i Knew it, i was planning a trip to Nasik!

Apart from its weather and its wines…the thing that I love about Nasik is its easy accessibility! The distance may be “not so less”….but the beautiful and organized Highway makes it a breeze….literally! 4 hours of a beautiful drive….and VOILA – Nasik!

Starting our Road Trip at 6.30 am….it was quite dark!

We left Mumbai at 6.30 am and zoomed to the Highway, cos well… no traffic in the morning! Our first stop was the Mumbai Nasik Food Plaza, which, though not as modern as the Mumbai – Pune Food Mall, is quite impressive (and its all set to get better with a really fabulous Coffee Chain in talks for a store there :P)…..Get the Hint :P.

Our halt at the Food Plaza was never going to be complete without food….a lot of it! Delicious #Upma and a #RavaDosa later, we left the Food Plaza…..next stop – Nasik!

Upma Stop!
Don’t miss the Fresh Sugarcane Juice that you will find at various spots on the way to Nasik.

Now, though every now and then, I love to splurge on a 5 star hotel….it is absolutely not possible each time! Specially if you are a spoilt female who needs breaks every month :P. So, I am on the constant look out for reasonably priced Hotels/Vacation Rentals that are clean, comfortable and classy!

Vern at the BVLD

If you are travelling to Nasik and are looking for an affordable Hotel with these 3 C’s , I have just the place for you! Don’t even think twice before booking your room at “BVLD – The Vern” at Nasik!

I could go on and on about the Hotel! Really! The location is perfect, bang in the middle of the city……The rooms are beautiful, clean and compact……The lobbies & balconies are absolutely beautiful……and the Food at their in house restaurants – Unbelievably delicious! A stay in this hotel is an absolute Jackpot! No Kiddin!

To top it all, the Hotel also has a beautiful open terrace with an inbuilt coffee machine for its guests! These are the small things that take a Hotel above the others.

The tour of the Beautiful Open Terrace!

Sula and Nasik are almost synonymous with each other right? Like, who goes to Nasik and doesnt visit Sula?! To be honest, I highly would dissuade you guys from taking a stay at Sula! The place is beautiful, without a doubt, but the rooms are nothing to even write about and its quite expensive….like quite expensive!!!! Also, Sula is very near to most of the hotels in the city (including BVLD) and it absolutely makes sense to save your hard earned money and not stay at Sula! Also, a hack for all you people who want to sit right at the deck…..do not go at 6 pm and expect a seat! Go by 4 and lurk around a bit, you will almost always, find a place! Also, apart from Sula, there are now many other wineries in Nasik in close proximity to Sula! I highly recommend you to a Winery Hop! York is amazing and so is Soma! Zampa & Fratelli are pretty awesome as well!

Just like Sula, another thing that is synonymous with Nasik is their Misal! Misal is a speciality accross Nasik and once you try it here, you’ll know why! Like the Misal in Mumbai & Pune is red, the ones in Nasik are almost black and are served with a delicious crunchy papad on the side! I will forgive you if you miss visiting Sula, but if you miss Misal….well, lets just say that you and I cannot ever be friends :P!

All in all, Nasik is truly a great option for a nice two day break away from the monotony on Bombay! Next time you feel like a break, visit Nasik…and get back a Misal packed for me 😛

Until next time….

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