Restaurant Review – Quattro Ristorante

Quattro Ristorante, is basically a stand alone  vegetarian restaurant located bang in the heart of lower parel. Yes Lower Parel. The place where you call find absolutely all kinds of food at whatever time, and yes the numbers just keep growing.

In such a cutthroat and intensely competitive environment, how is it that Quattro Risorante, a vegetarian restaurant boasting of Italian and Mexican food, has survived and thrived so very successfully for 5 years now?! I don’t know about you, but this is one thing I have always wondered. Well, on monday I finally got to try this place and all my qualms and doubts have been put to rest and HOW!

In the many many meals that you have in your lifetime, some remain etched in your memory and on your taste buds forever and thus become “experiences” that you remember. My meal at Quattro Ristorante was one such experience.

Specializing in some authentic and sapid Italian and Mexican food, the beauty in the food of this place lies in its simplicity. Don’t get me wrong. Though Quattro Ristorante does some enthralling and captivating theatrical displays with their food, the real stuff that works for this place is the underlying, almost sublime balance of flavors that comes with the conception of the dishes served here. Each and every dish served here is distinct in flavors and appearance and the only common ground I could find was that all of their food is BLOODY DELICIOUS!

We started our meal with the Watermelon Elderflower Frozen Margarita and the Apple & Basil Cooler and I absolutely cannot say which one I loved more. The Watermelon & Elderflower margarita has a perfect balance of the subtle flavors of the elderberry flowers and the almost cognizant freshness of the watermelon whereas the Apple and Basil cooler, apart from being a sight to look at, was so so refreshing & delicious too (almost felt like a mocktail that would be served at  The Three Broomsticks <3)

Watermelon & Elderflower Frozen Margarita
Apple & Basil Cooler

The amazing cocktails were followed by one of the most amazing soups I have had which was a big bowl of the Minestrone Tea Set Soup. This soup served at Quattro is nothing like any other soup you’ll see anywhere else. It comes to your table like an empty bowl with 4 packets of dehydrated vegetables in some plastic pouches alongside a tiny tray of 1 tea bag, some cooked pasta, some cheese and some garlic and a tea-pot filled with some Minestrone broth. You will wonder what the hell this is and where is your damn soup (yes those were the exact thoughts going through my head :P) when you will find out the magic of it all! So, the plastic pouches containing the dehydrated vegetables are made out of edible plastic and they melt when the hot tomato broth is poured on them. The USP of this soup is the beautiful yet ethereal flavors that the tea adds to the soup. You can add the garlic and the cheese and the cooked pasta according to your taste and TADA…you will, i guarantee that you will, have one of the best soups EVER!

Just when I was wondering how they were ever going to follow through with their amazing Soup, was when the Chilled Melon & Feta Salad arrived. This salad was basically 6 skewers of watermelon and muskmelon spheres which were enhanced with the flavors of some fragrant red wine and rolled in some freshly roasted pine nuts. These skewers were sprinkled with some crumbled feta cheese and some tiny gorgeous pearls of balsamic vinegar and were served on a bed of some fresh rocket & arugula leaves. Not only was this salad bloody delicious, but it arrived on the table in the most theatrical way and totally elevated the experience of this gorgeous must have dish!

Chilled Melon & Feta Salad.

The salad was followed by an array of the most amazing appetizers out of which my favorites were the Corn Cakes Avocado Salsa and the Caprese De Quattro. The Mexican Spiced Queso, the Potato Skins, the Bruschetta and the Stuffed Mushrooms  were pretty damn great too, but given my hatred for too much tomato & olives, I didnt really enjoy the Olive Bursts & and the Bononcini Mary.

Corn Cakes Avocado Salsa

The Corn cakes were grilled to absolute sublimity and were topped with some beautiful aerated guacamole and a flavorful and delicate sour cream foam.





Caprese Di Quattro

This is Quattro’s signature take on the Caprese Salad and consists of 6 individual portions of mozzarella spheres sitting  on a bed of smoked basil & pesto zoodles and topped with some balsamic pearl caviar.




Assortment of Olive Bursts, Bononcini Mary and Caprese Di Quattro.                     (PS. since I asked for small portions, they served me 2 servings of each thing. Buy normally, each portion consists of 6 such servings.)
Mexican Spices Queso.
Potato Skins loaded with cheese & veggies and topped with a sour cream foam.
Baked Mushrooms stuffed with some spinach and cheese.

The STAR DISH of the meal for me was undoubtedly the Smoked Camembert. Quattro makes this beautiful cheese themselves and they absolutely nailed it in terms of taste, smell and textures. This beautiful cylinder of cheese is topped with some roasted whole garlic and the most exquisite and gossamery balls of honey caviar, and is smoked underneath a cloche as it arrives on your table. This is served with some fresh  rye cranberry bread and ciabatta sticks. You absolutely cannot miss this dish whenever it is that you visit Quattro! Trust me…YOU CANNOT!

Smoked Camembert

After such a lot of appetizers we decided to limit ourselves to two small portions of mains which were the dreamily gorgeous Fettucine Pesto Genovese and the healthy yet brilliant Risotto Vegetale.




In spite of being stuffed like Thanksgiving turkey, we just couldn’t not have dessert and I am so glad I did! The Chocolate Saturn & Hot Chocolate Soup  was an absolute chocolate fest with a Chocolate Mouse filled dome at the centre surrounded by chocolate shells filled with mango & orange surprises.This is all served on a beautiful frozen chocolate sand.But the real USP of this dish is the theatre that you experience when the server pours some divine hot chocolate on the dome which melts the beautifully tempered dome of chocolate and reveals to us the silky mousse inside it. Sinful but totally worth the calories.

If this was epic, the Apple Lasagna was the BAAP of epic urf “Baapepic” (I am totally going to get “Baapepic” trademarked :P). The Apple Lasagna, as the name suggests was layers of some compressed apples and some decadent cinnamon custard cream between some  fresh and fine filo pastry. The creamyness of the cinnamon custard was a dream combination with that crunchy pastry and the acidity of those beautiful apples.

Apple Lasagna

All in all, Quattro is, I now believe one of the very few restaurants in the city which can boast of giving their patrons an overall great gastronomical experience that they will not forget.

(I want to give a special mention to the  italian and Mexican dips that they serve with their food and are so so so very good!)

Overall Experience – 4.5/5

Food – 5/5

Ambiance – 3/5

Service  – 4.5/5

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