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Have you ever experienced a complete reinvention of a cuisine that you have known and loved for most of your life? I did! At Papaya – The Modern Asian Bistro! What however is fantastic about this place is that this “reinvention” is projected in a way that pageants an extreme respect for Asian cuisine.

Pa Pa Ya is a modern Asian bistro & tapas bar from the House of Massive Restaurants(Farzi Cafe, Masala Library & Masala Bar fame) and  can be best described as a dapper, swank and radical reinterpretation of Asian cuisine in all its aspects. Sublimely metamorphosing  the pan-Asian dining experience, Pa Pa Ya is a combination of superior cooking techniques along with the magnificent culture found across the Asian cuisine. It is as much about culinary art as it is about offering an exceptional gastronomic experience and what this place showcases is super innovative presentations, along with cutting edge contemporary cooking techniques, including the use of the latest innovations & technology used in molecular gastronomy.

The Cocktails at Papaya are based on the Japanese philosophy that “you dont taste drinks, you experience them!”. Made using some gorgeous and exclusive ingredients and couples with fabulous bar-tending technique and sense, the cocktails at Papaya are something that you have with all your senses.

The Fuku Sour  had to be my favorite of the lot with some brilliant use of the flavors of raw mango.


The Yin Yang is a perfect cocktail for someone who loves the flavors of cardamom with the sublime combination of caramelized pineapple,  cardamom and vodka.


The flavors of U- Izuku- Sho and of the Fizu Miruku are absolutely authentic can be enjoyed through an acquired taste of its peculiar ingredients and its best to stay away from them if they are alien to you! I personally quite enjoyed them.

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The menu  at Papaya has been devised after a lot of research and with extreme attention to detail,  which in turn has created individual flavor profiles for each dish on their menu. The thing that is evident in the food served here is the use  of organic and fresh produce along with the finest ingredients sourced from the region of origin throughout Asia, in their most authentic form, in some cases even rare in variety and for them to reach in their freshest variety, ensuring that freshness of each ingredient used across the expansive menu is maintained at all times.

They have a variety of some great Dim Sums out of which I tried the HarGao Green Curry Farce and the Hauled Chikin Gogigui Paozu.

While the Hargao was steamed to perfection and served on a bed of the most delicious thai curry, the best part about it was the succulent prawn stuffing on it!


The Hauled Chicken Gogigui too was steamed beautifully and the combination of the korean chicken stuffing to the sweetish bao was just fabulous.


Papaya truly serves one of the best sushis in the city and if you want to experience soe of their most incredible variety of Sushi, you must go for their Sushi Tree.


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The Sushi Arancini  is something that you shoudnt miss here. A great amalgamation of Sushi and Arancini this one will both amuse and amaze you!


The Yam Thai Lai  is an absolutely delicious seafood salad with great sweet and sour flavors. Served inside some crunchy potato cups, this one is one of the best dishes in their menu.


One essential dish for all vegetarians and non vegetarians is Papaya’s version of the classic Crispy Corn Curd. Condensed corn and coconut milk coated with panko bread crumbs and fried to perfection, this one is a medley of textures and flavors.


The Steamed Edmame is tossed in a fabulous tomato garlic sauce and though is delicious is quite hard to eat.


The essence of a good seafood preparation at any place is the freshness of the seafood and using ingredients that lets the seafood be the hero of the dish. Papaya does these very things in the most fabulous way, making both the Chunking Bummalo (Bombay Duck) and the Prawns were some of the best Pan Asian seafood appetizers I have tried in my life.



The two mains that you absolutely must have here are the Lamb Redang Curry and the Pad Thai Noodles.


The Redang Curry inspite of being creamy is something that doesnt stuff you and its dreamy combination with the malaysian parantha is beyond gorgeous! The Lamb shanks in it too were cooked to absolute perfection and were literally melting in the mouth!


The Pad Thai noodles served here are very different from what you get everywhere else. The Noodles are cooked just right and are made with gentle yet stimulating flavors. This is one of those carb dishes that needs no gravy to go with it!



Given my new found love for Matcha, I decided to go with 2 (Matcha containing) desserts and though the matcha content in both was next to negligible, both desserts were absolutely delicious!

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All in all what you need to do before visiting Papaya is leave your preconceived notions and perceptions  about trying new things out of the door, while enjoying a sensory experience at Pa Pa Ya. Here, eating is truly an experience unlike any, where they take you on a culinary journey through the landscape of Asia in a manner which has never been done before.

Pa Pa Ya is not just redefining Asian cuisine, it’s Asian Cuisine – Revolutionized.

Until next time…

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