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An Era is defined as a system of chronology dating from a particular event. India, in particular – Mumbai too has been experiencing the An Era. An Era that started in the wake of Master Chef Australia some years back. An Era in which Indians started looking beyond food as just a “thing you have to eat to live”. An Era in which chefs are respected just like artists. And yes, an era of some absolutely incredible food!

It was at the start of these exciting times in Mumbai that Chef Kelvin Cheung from Canada decided to come to Mumbai. It was a risk that not many would have dared to take. Coming from a nation the people of which give immense freedom to food, it was a task to curate something that is not only absolutely amazing but is also suitable to the whims and choices of us Indians when it comes to food. But not only did Chef Kelvin, at his first stint in Ellipsis, do that….but what he also did was begin an era of his own – An Era of knowing a restaurant because of the Chef!

By the time Chef Kelvin decided to leave Ellipsis, he was already a huge brand name! After taking a little break and time for himself, Chef Kelvin was back and he was back with a Bang….where you ask? Well, just – ONE STREET OVER!

One Street Over has been literally created with the blood, sweat, tears and lots & lots of some amazing culinary talent of Chef Kelvin, Boo and some of their closest & choicest associates. Each aspect of  this place has been done with extreme love and that is exactly what makes you fall in Love with this place.

Nice & dimly lit with some great music, One Street Over is a great place to go for a nice date or even catch up with some friends or associates after work or on a weekend. Though it isn’t very big, the place is very well spaced out and the interiors are done just about right!

Before I talk about the food (which is going to take LONG :P), let me talk about the drinks here. One Street Over is primarily a bar serving some beautiful cocktails & food. Each cocktail here, though inspired, are unlike anything that you could have tried before. The best part about the Cocktails here is that they are apart from the best spirits there are, made from the freshest of natural ingredients like spices, flowers & fruits. This very freshness is what is oozing out of each cocktail that you try here!

One Street Over’s version of Spanish Style Gin and Tonic is absolutely a crime to miss! This drink will make sure that you will never look at Gin n Tonic in the same way again!


The Saffron Trading Co. is vodka based and made primarily using saffron infused triple sec. This ingenious ingredient is the biggest USP of this drink and it is a must have if you are into tropical cocktails!


Two other drinks that I really enjoyed (not as much as the first two though :P) were the Old Cuban and the East Side.



Now coming to the real deal – THE FOOD! The cuisine at One Street Over is “cleverly” American. The food in the US is in many ways like the food in Bombay. It doesn’t have a cuisine of its own, but each cuisine from around the world that this city has to offer has its own distinct and very special style – the American Style.

One Street Over has brilliantly managed to bring this very style to Mumbai and that too while curating extensively to the palettes and food restrictions of us Indians! Trust me, it’s a tough job!

The menu here is limited yet extensive! Limited in the number of dishes they serve yet extensive in the profiles of each and every dish served. The menu is divided into the Littles (appetizers), Bigs (mains) and the Sweeeeeeets!

The littles section of the menu has some brilliant appetizers made from the best of Chef’s recipes with the choicest of ingredients. Chili Dumplings are truly these delicate drops of chicken & prawn dumplings floating elegantly in the most incredible red wine vinegar & chilli oil broth! The Chili is intense yet not over powering and this truly is one helluva dish!


The Potato Skin Mac n Cheese is this pretty dish with four crispy baked Potato Skins stuffed with the most flavorful Mac n Cheese. The perfect amount of truffle oil drizzled on this is what elevates this dish beyond any version of it available in the city!


The pork in the Pulled Pork Slider was cooked to the T and that, with the crisp fresh cabbage slaw in the warm brioche bun is a combo to die for!


The Truffle Fries too were nice and crisp and were delicately drizzled with some beautiful truffle oil!


Lastly, the Crispy Chicken Baos were an amazing combination of some great crispy fried chicken, the warm and soft baos and a tantalizing animal sauce.


A painting, apart from the talent of the artist, if also a result of how the stroke of the brush flows. In food too, the transition from the appetizers to the mains to the desserts has to be a smooth one! This transition at One Street Over is something they have nailed.

The Chicken n Waffle here is a dish that is absolute perfection! They have taken 2 biggest revolutions of the US – Fried Chicken and Waffle and turned it into a thing that is not something they have in the US – Art 😛 (No offence)


The recent rage of Burrata (Cheese) is something that Chef Kelvin started himself at Ellipsis and not having this dish here is like visiting Louvre and not seeing Mona Lisa!


The Gnocchi dish was a smooth and creamy dish of some perfectly sized and cooked gnocchi with a great roasted garlic cream, tender corn and a delicate touch of parmesan!


The Dan Dan Noodles though beautiful in favors and combinations, needed a little more of their coconut broth and it would be absolutely perfect after this small change.


The desserts at One Street Over are quite huge with respect to its portions and its only fair that you keep enough appetite in store for them. They deserve it!

The freshly baked warm Brown Butter Maldon Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies are a reality of cookie species that I have only dreamed of! The perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness of the coarse salt is something you don’t get anywhere in Bombay. These cookies are served with Hot Chocolate which I recommend you save for a last swig too! Its brilliant!

The Vanilla Man Bun is basically a freshly baked streusel within which is sandwiched, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk and topped with Fruit Loops (the imported, real ones). The crunchiness of the streusel to the unbelievable creaminess of the icecream is unbelievably good! However, this dessert is bloody heavy and do not order it f you don’t have someone to share it with!


All in all,  the time you will spend at One Street Over is one of those “happy times” which goes by in a jiffy and you only realize how good it was after you are done! A meal here, even a casual one, is made into a special occasion by the kind of food, drinks and offerings that you will find here. It is not inexpensive, agreed, but if you expect this quality, this is what you realistically need to pay.

One Street Over is definitely one of my favorite places in the city and you should definitely make a trip here whenever it is that you get a chance!

Until next time………

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