Novotel Hyderabad Airport – Property Review!

Novotel Hotels has, since I can remember, been one of my favorite hotel chains for my travels. Apart from being much more pocket friendly compared to the Taj’s and the Trident’s of the world, they totally match up to these very hotel chains when it comes to comfort, luxury and most importantly – Hospitality!

I recently had a brilliant staycation at the Hyderabad Airport Property of Novotel and my love for this brand was more than affirmed during my brilliant stay here!

The Gorgeous Property that it is…..


One of the most amazing things about this property is its proximity to the airport! Imagine hot having to travel for hours after a sucky flight to reach the comfort of your room……thats exactly the advantage that the people staying here have! The airport is just 2 kms away from their Property and it takes not more than 10 mins to reach the Hotel from the airport! Plus they have shuttle services for free for their guests which makes it super convenient for anyone staying here! So, not only is it perfect for business travelers, but given the convenience of travel to the city that the Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad has provided, this hotel is an ideal place to stay for anyone and everyone travelling to Hyderabad!

Road To The City

The most important part for me, at any of my hotel/home stay experiences on my travel is the hospitality of the place. Everything from a smile at the outset from the people working there to the warmth that you feel from them through your stay is so very important to enhance your stay experience. Well if Novotel is good at may things….they are absolutely brilliant when it comes to the hospitality aspect of the stay of its guests. Each and every person working at the Hotel has a sense of the hotel being “their baby” and every guest staying at the hotel is taken as each person’s responsibility. They are warm, helpful, always smiling and just incredible in their hospitality! “No” is not a word used here and this makes its guests never say “No” at any opportunity of staying or dining at Novotel!

The rooms at Novotel are spacious, absolutely comfortable and have an amazing view (at least my room had one :P). Complete with state of the art and modern amenities, there is nothing more that you would want or expect from a hotel room. Even the products that they use in their bathrooms are of the finest quality and in your stay here, whether or not you are on your honeymoon, you WILL NOT want to leave the room :P.

I hate it when the food at the place I am staying is not upto the mark and I have to venture out of the Hotel to eat good food!  The food at Novotel is so good that you will want to have multiple versions of your meals in a day! They have an all day dining restaurant – The Square where they some some fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets! There is also Haldi which is open for dinners and serves some gorgeous Indian food. And ofcourse, you have – The Bar where you will find some brilliant cocktails and snacks to go with it!






All the brilliant food that we savored at the Hotel….From Meats to Dosas….brilliant!!

The Square also has a fabulous and spacious Al Fresco dining area wherein you can arrange little get togethers for a big group! The most amazing thing about Novotel is the convenience of breakfast that they offer to it guests! Not only so they have their amazing breakfast spread from 7-10.30, but also have some limited breakfast available from 4 am to 7am as well as from 10. 30 am -12 noon! So basically, all the early travelers and the lazy late risers are covered :P.

The Al Fresco Dining Area

Apart from these above restaurants, Novotel has its very own Herb Garden and they are more than happy to arrange live cooked meals for their guests in the comfort and exclusivity of this beautiful herb garden in the hotel! It is truly a marvelous experience!

Glimpses of the Herb Garden

Now there is a certain section of guests in each hotel (whom I don’t really understand :P) who want to, on vacation too, stay fit! Well for them, Novotel Hyderabad Airport has a huge ass gym facility with the best equipment and trainers….I mean even I was enticed to work out :P.

Right next to the gym is the Spa managed by O2, where you can relax after that rigorous workout! They have some great spa packages that you can opt out of!

Now, given the huge property that this is, Novotel also hosts lots of functions….weddings, parties, conferences….name it and they have done it! Apart from a variety of banquets, they also have an attached lawn facility which makes it not only unique but also gorgeous!

All in all, the beautiful property that it is, a stay at Novotel is something I highly recommend! I assure you that all you need for a good time here is – reach the airport…everything else, they will take care of! So trust me… and them for your next vacation in Hyderabad and feel free to thank me later :P.

Until next time…..

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