New Place Alert – Drifters Brewing Co.

Out of the many many abysmal crazes and fads that Bombay has been caught in the swirl of, the one that we must all be happy and proud about is the craze of Beer Brews and Breweries! The art of brewing and enjoying a good Craft Beer is something that has caught on in the city and trust me, it is here to stay!

Joining the wagon of fabulous breweries in the city is Drifters Brewing & Co. in Kamala Mills. Opened in a massive and pleasantly spacious space in the Trade View Building, the decor here is a perfect limbo between a fun party place and a chiller place to just hang out with a couple (or more :P) of beers!

The beers at Drifters come from their huge Brewery in Pune and are made with precision, love and ofcourse…Hops! 😛 All their beers are made with ingredients imported from all over the world and the non compromise on this very thing is what shows in the quality of the beer that is served at Drifters.

Any brewery without food that not only tastes good but also goes well with the beers is a bog turn off! The food at Drifters however is just as amazing as the beers here! They have tried to do some amazing Middle Eastern cuisine and it surprisingly goes perfectly with their beers and other alcohol too :P.

While you can give their salads a miss (what was I thinking ordering a salad anyway :P), their Butter Garlic Prawns, their Chicken Kibbeh and the Harissa Fish are absolutely fabulous!

Also, their Egg Omelette Pizza is a really fantastic take on the good old Omelette and you should definitely check that out!

Seafood lovers, dont forget to try their Paella which is one of the most authentic that I have had in the city!


All in all, Drifters is a great addition to Kamala Mills and ofcourse to the night life of Mumbai! Apart from the fact that they have some really great stuff going on, they also have some great beer offers (including a VFM Beer Membership) and you should definitely check them out soon!

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