Monsoon Break at Novotel Imagica – Property Review

No matter what the season is, everyone needs a break and everyone deserves one too!!! A daily break from work, a weekly break from you schedule and ofcourse most importantly – A vacation!

The thing about a mini vacation from bombay is the proximity of places from the city. I mean, if you really think about it….where can you go for a nice 1 night vacation from the city? Ummm….lets think….Lonavla…..Pune…??….Yeah! Thats it!

Well now. you can add another…and closer option to that list! – NOVOTEL IMAGICA!

Located at Khopoli (an hour drive from the city), Novotel Imagica is literally a 2 minute walk from the illustrious theme park of Imagica.

The thing that I absolutely loved about this hotel is the awareness they have and the things that they have done by making use of that awareness. Except the theme park, there is nothing really you can do around this hotel and the brains behind this place are very well aware of that. They have thus, created a magical and exclusive world inside the hotel itself! So much so, that I would totally stay here even if the theme park didn’t exist!  Every aspect of this property has been curated with the panorama of their guests not wanting to go outside the property!

The most important thing about any hotel is ofcourse its rooms. The rooms at Novotel Imagica are spacious, plush and full of state of the art facilities that you can imagine! King size comfortable beds, great views of either the theme park, the hills or the pool (as per the room you choose to get) and brilliant fittings, the rooms are such that you will never want to go out of them! The bathrooms too are done in the most classy way and the toiletries that are provided and all natural and of the highest quality!

To support the amazing rooms, you need amazing room service and that is also something that is really good here! The staff is quick, courteous and always smiling! Trust me…. makes a big damn difference!

Now, on my visit to Novotel, I realized that the way that they have designed everything about this property is to make sure that it caters to a fabulous vacation for everyone who visits. This is a perfect vacation resort for everyone and I want to just explain exactly how it is so!


When a family goes on a vacation, the most important thing is that the kids should be happy! In the case of this hotel, the kids are much more than just happy! There is ofcourse the theme park (including the new water park and the even newer Snow Park) which are as fab as ever. But apart from them, there are also a lot of things that the hotel has arranged for the kids. In house games, a brilliant pool, activities like zorbing, rifle shootings, etc. and so much more! They also have a real fun parade every morning showcasing all the fun that Imagica is all about!

If this wasnt enough, they have  four restaurants inclusive of a Tubbby’s Bistro, a bistro-style pastry shop inspired by the character Tubbby from the theme park, features a wide array of fresh pastries, cakes and local delicacies all made specially for the kids! Tubby’s Bistro is strategically situated right next to Nitro Bar where the parents can wind down with a drink or two as their kids indulge by the side. Of Course if the whole family wants to dine together, there is the Square, the resort’s signature all day dining restaurant, featuring a buffet selection of Indian and international favourites and freshly prepared dishes at its live cooking stations as well as exciting a-la-carte options including North Indian, South Indian and local specialties.

For parents with toddlers, dont worry cos there is something for you as well, Novotel has a fabulous inhouse kids day care where you can leave your kids to have a good time in the most trusted hands of the efficient people who work there!


Given that its located in Khopoli, you are basically staying in the nest of the gorgeous Sahyadri range. A great view of the mountains from your room, some wine and great food….pretty romantic eh?

Couples can also visit the newly launched Snow Park (trust me, its brilliant!) and then cuddle up with some hot chocolate later!

Novotel also arranges these great dinners by the pool in the open air. Starry nights, potent cocktails and passing delicious appetizers, what more do you need?


There is always a dilemma on where to go and what to do when you are in a big group! I have the answer for yall! You can go to Novotel Imagica, and what to do there?….leave it upto them!

In house activities for adults, cocktail parties, fab food, theme park proximity and all this just an hour away from the city! They can also curate some great value packages for big groups and all you need to do is contact them.


Your wedding night is the biggest night of your life right? Trust this destination to make it even better. Gorgeous, shimmering pillarless banquets! Flexibility of things and themes you can do and brilliant service for your guests! If thats not what you want for your wedding or any party you throw, I dont know what is!?

Novotel Imagica Khopoli  also features one of the largest meeting spaces in the Lonavla area with a pillar-less ballroom that can accommodate around 460 guests. The ballroom has a provision for breakout which can be used for smaller meetings. Its 1600 square meter landscaped trellised garden area and air-conditioned marquee is perfect for couples seeking to tie the knot in an open and romantic setting.

Novotel Imagica is truly the perfect way to spend a short weekend with your friends and loved ones and honestly, all you need to have a good time here is to reach the place….everything else will be taken care of.

They have for the summers, introduced an ingeniously designed VIP stay package . Plan an eventful getaway amidst the serene Sahayadri hills far away from the clamour of urban life with your family to a destination “where fun never ends”. From plush rooms with the best of in-room amenities, Novotel Imagica truly gives you the best family vacation you ever planned.

Until next time….

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