Ministry of Crab – Restaurant Review!

Disclaimer – Vegetarians and Non Seafood lovers can look away!. Nothing for y’all here!

Though the above disclaimer is not entirely true (they do have some delicious vegetarian stuff), Ministry Of Crab, when it named itself that, was pretty clear right? I mean, you cant be “Ministry Of Crab” and serve amazing Lamb….I mean that would, in most cases, be wrong :P.

Ministry Of Crab is a world renowned brand which originated in Sri Lanka. Every Sea Food Lover that visits Sri Lanka has this restaurant on its iteniary! However, no need to make that trip now! Recognizing the potential of the brilliant market for food – that is India, Ministry Of Crab has opened up its first outlet in India and nothing better than the City Of Dreams for the Ministry Of Crab right?? ABSOLUTELY!

The look and feel of Ministry Of Crab is straight out of a dream! It looks grand and well, is grand! A two storeyed space in Khar which was buzzing on a Monday….that in itself justifies the investment that they have made in this place!

Before I talk about how the food and cocktails were, lets address the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM….WELL BLOG”:P. This place is expensive and that is not an understatement! The hype, decor, feel, food, service and experience may make it “worth it” for many…but lets be honest….if you want to have a good meal here, get ready to loosen your purse, wallet, jewelry box… whatever! There you go! I exaggerated 😛


While you come here for the food, you will end up ordering cocktails…the feel of the place kinda makes you :P. They have a limited, yet interesting cocktail menu and I checked out one of their Gin Cocktails which I quite loved! Potent, not too sweet and a perfect balance of flavors!

My Cocktail in the making.

We started our meal with the Avacado Crab Salad (which is served in an actual Avacado) and it was delicious! Very delicious! Dont forget to scoop out the Avacado with the Salad!

There was also a vegetarian variant of the Avacado Salad without Crab, which I suggest that you skip!

Before I start on the Crab, I absolutely have to tell you that DO NOT miss the Klay Pot Prawn Curry! Made using the entire prawn, the flavors in this curry are insane and go amazingly well will the traditional Kade Bread that is served with it!

There is also a pretty nice Goan Vegetarian Curry, which though not very “GOAN”, was quite flavorful!

Lets talk about the CRAB! Well Crab is the Hero here! Has to be! And it shows across various aspects of this place! It shows in the decor, it shows in the accessories and ofcourse – The FOOD! Half of the menu is all about Crab and rightly so!


According to the size of your party, there are a lot of options of portions of Crab that you can choose from. You can get the portion of the Crab made in the options of the sauces that they have! While the Black Pepper Sauce is the most popular, my favorite was the Singapore Chilli Garlic. The Butter Garlic Sauce was a tad little disappointing! The Crab is served with wilted spinach which makes for a fabulous companion to the dish!

Black Pepper Crab

While in a place where the food is so good, I skip dessert….I urge you to keep some space for the surprisingly incredible desserts that you get at Ministry Of Crab!

There is a dessert here known as the “Store Of Cacao” and, true to its name, it does serve a whole journey of the beautiful Cacao on your plate! Inspired by the Cacao plantations in Sri Lanka, this Cacao shaped dessert is served on a chilli soil and the textures and flavors of the entire dessert are just made to WOW!

Another gorgeous dessert is the French Toast with Black Vanilla Ice Cream and it is an absolute COMFORT ON A PLATE!

All in all, would I recommend Ministry Of Crab….well, its definitely not for everyone! But yes, If you love seafood and are willing to and have the means to have a lavish meal, this one is definitely for you!


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