KODE – Restaurant Review.

After subsisting success stories with Papaya, Masala Library & Farzi Cafe, the Kalra family has now expanded its monopoly over the Mumbai food scene with their latest, coolest and the most happening venture – KODE.

Located in the money minting location of Kamala Mills, Kode not only manages to match up to its contemporaries but what it also does is create a legacy in itself.

It is not possible to classify Kode as serving a particular cuisine or style of food. It is basically a free style kitchen and bar wherein there are no barriers of flavors, regions or cuisines. Not many understand the complexities of a free style kitchen though! Kode handles its free style nature in the most exquisite way and creates an experience for its patrons that is much more than what they pay for it.

Just like its cuisine, the cocktails and drinks at Kode are free style too. What I can say without a flinch of doubt is that the cocktails here are the definition of Class! Stylish, exquisite, potent and delicious…almost right out of Sex And The City!

My favorite cocktail was the Pink Bubble and was followed by the Life of Pie. 

The Pearl of the Carribean should be your poison if you are a fan of rum.

The food at Kode is a synthesis of culinary innovation and exploration of cuisines spread across the world. What is unique to this place though is the modern twist that is made on each dish of each cuisine here!

The Herb Crusted Scotched Eggs are the best version of scotched eggs in the city and is something you absolutely do not want to miss!

The Togarashi & Garlic Olives are an innovative take using good old olives and are a great companion for your cocktails!

The Avacado Carpaccio is not only delicious but the precision in its preparation was something that amazed me a lot!

Irrespective of whether you are a soup person or not, the Mushroom Cappuccino here is a soup that needs to be eaten! The balance of mushroom flavors and the play of truffles in it is absolutely delightful.

Kode has done its exclusive take on the Burratta and it truly gives competition to any other Burratta preparation in the city. They make the burratta using bocconcini and mozzarella and its combination with the Italian Tomato foam and aged balsamic is nothing short of heavenly!

Kode also has a brilliant Robata Grills section and both the Sea Bass and the Tiger Prawns were grilled and flavored to perfection.

Though the Sushi at Papaya is much superior, Kode also serves some pretty good sushi just in case you are in the mood for it.

I have never really eaten amazing Churros in the city…..Good yeah,,,,but never amazing! That changed at Kode! Their Home Made Churros are exactly what and how churros should be like! Try it for yourself and you will know what I am talking about!

The Korean Chicken Wings though delicious, were not the best I have had in the city and I would advise you to try other things on their menu instead.

Kode also introduces to the city – PIDE which is Turkish style slice pizza.  Though the Manchego and Truffle Oil Pide that I tried was amazing, I prefer the good old pizza to the Pide.

Each of the mains that I tried at Kode were amazing and memorable in their own way. It is impossible fr me to recommend anything in particular, However, I would highly advice vegetarians to try the Vegetarian (coconut milk based) Ramen  and the creamy Potato Gnocchi.

Red Meat lovers should not miss the 18 Hours cooked lamb shanks.

If you are a seafood lover like me, then the Miso Marinated Black Cod with parmesan risotto  and the Chicken & Seafood Paella are the mains for you!

Nothing, not even the brilliance of the cocktails and the food at Kode would prepare me for the magic that the desserts at Kode created! The Kode version of the classic Tiramisu and the Black Forest will awe you and your entire idea of these desserts will change to a different level altogether!

All in all, Kode has, through its global variants, managed to reclaim the authenticity of each and every dish while simultaneously changing the experience and complexity of it! It is one of the very few places in the city that is redefining the food scene in Mumbai and it should absolutely be on your must visit list!



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