Khaado Kithey Aahe?

Sindhful, the newest food delivery joint in Khar, is basically the answer to my Dad’s and his side of the family’s question “Khaado Kithey Aahe?” which literally means “Where is the food?”. 

Though my Dad (and uss hisaab se, me too) is a Sindhi- Punjabi, thanks his maharashtrian mother and mu maharashtrian mother, we have been living in a very Marathi kind of household since forever. But, one thing I remember about my Sindhi lineage is the Sunday “Dal Pakwan” breakfasts that my Grandfather used to make for all of us. After him, there was no solution to my periodical cravings for Dal Pakwan….untill last week when I tried the food from “Sindhful”.

Specializing in Sindhi food (both veg and non veg), this Home Delivery only place at Khar has tied up with Scootsy for their Food Delivery. I have already ordered their food thrice in the past 2 weeks and it has been consistently good!

The Sindhi Mutton (Rs. 300) was a Sindhi dish I was trying for the first time (since my grandfather was a Vegetarian) and I wasn’t sure of what to expect from it. But soon after my first bite I fell in love with it. The mutton chops were cooked to perfection and the gravy was oozing with the beautiful flavors of the spices and the meat.

Sindhi Mutton
Pic Courtesy – Zomato.

The Koftas & Kheema (Rs.300) too was such a delight to eat! Thick and flavorful kheema with some tender mutton koftas accompanied by some warm and fresh Pav! This is definitely going to be my “Monsoon comfort food”.

Koftas & Kheema

The Dal Pakwan (Rs. 160), though not as rich as my grand father used to make it, was one of the better Dal Pakwans I have had in my life! The Pakwan was beautifully crisp without being too oily and the Dal had a really good flavor and texture to it. What I loved about this dish was how neatly it was packed. Each component of the Dal Pakwan aka the Dal, the Pakwans and both the Chutneys came in separate containers, so that you could plate them like you want. I for one, prefer messily dunking my Pakwan into the Dal and then guzzling it down like a hungry nomad :P.

The Dal Pakwan

The Gooey Chocolate Mudcake (Rs.110) was like the paradisiacal end to consummate a celestial meal. There is nothing Sindhi about a Chocolate mudcake, but then, which cuisine doesnt allow chocolate at its omega right? Delicious, warm, chocolatey and gooey…you will find me with this in bed as I watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for the umpteenth time :P.

Gooey Chocolate Mudcake.

Though Sindhful boasts of specializing in Sindhi food, they also have an array of various food of different cuisines that they serve. I cannot speak for it since I havent tried it out and if I do, I will definitely post about how it was. Untill then, do order from them and satiate your Sindhi food cravings…or just your Food Cravings…..whatever works 😛

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