Irish House – Restaurant Review

Now that I think about it, Irish house was really the first real pub/ bar I went to! Though I don’t remember when it was, I vividly remember being enthralled by it all! The music that I honestly had no clue about but knew was “the in thing”, the beers served in gigantic glasses, the huge plates of delicious food….and so much more!
Well, it’s almost a decade later and though the lower parel outlet holds an extra special place in my heart, each outlet of Irish House in the city takes me back to that special feeling! always will I guess!
The food at Irish house is something I have always enjoyed as much as the experience here! It truly forms a big part of why going to Irish House always translates to a good time! The Chicken Nachos & The Chicken Popcorn are the mandatory orders that I have to place on each visit here! Infact, you will see these two items on 98% of the tables on any particular day! They are safe, loaded with all things amazing and make for a perfect bar snack!
Irish House also has some delicious Fish n Chips which though not exactly as amazing as the ones in London, come pretty close to that! Also, the coarse and buttery green peas mash that is served along with the fish n chips here is absolutely delicious!
The Chicken Wings and the Drunken Prawns here are pretty damn great too!
Though I hardky ever get there, the mains at Irish House are exectly what the mains at a bar should be! Non Messy and No Nonsense!
The Beer Can Grilled Chicken, the Sriracha Grilled Chicken. the Portofino Grilled Fish and the Moroccon Lamb are my favorite things to eat here!
There are some days when I am down and my instant remedy for that is this mind blowing dessert at Irish House! DO NOT miss the Irish Riverdance which is a beer mug full or warm brownies, nuts, fudge, caramel sauce…..basically everything amazing that this world has to offer! It truly gives you a new lease for life!
All in all, any time that you are in Irish House, no matter what the occasion or the time, it is guaranteed that you will come out happy! It is one of the places that you can never go wrong with!
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