Master Hydrolyzed Proteins with Protinex.

Protinex the market leader of spreading awareness and importance in hydrolyzed proteins, recently conducted an event in which they conveyed to the people present, the importance of – “HYDROLYZED PROTEINS”.

In literal scientific terms, Proteins are nothing but large complex molecules composed of Amino Acids! If you however, want to know what really Protein is without reliving the horrors of your school science class, get this – Proteins are everything!

Everything, part or activity of your body needs Proteins and the importance of an apt protein intake in one’s body cannot be undermined…ever!

Proteins are nothing but large complex molecules composed of amino acids, joined with peptide bond.While Non essential amino acids can are created by our body, the essential amino acids can’t be created and hence arises the need to get them from our diet. The proteins that are easier to break down and easily absorbed by intestine are hydrolysis proteins. However all protein rich foods that we consume in our diet are intact proteins which are more complex to break down and not easily absorbed.

One of the 4 forms of Protein is “Protein Hydrolysate” which is prepared by the process of addition of proteolytic enzymes to purified protein sources. In simple words, they are also known as “Pre- Digested Proteins”.

Since these “Pre-Digested Proteins” are, well, Pre- Digested, on consumption by a human body, they do not go through the complex process of breaking down like other forms of proteins and are thus easily absorbed in the body. This translates to faster post workout recovery and energy for the body!

Hydrolyzed proteins are derived from intact protein source by enzymatic hydrolisis to obtain a mixture of tri, di and polypeptides ALSO known as “pre-digested” proteins for faster protein delivery.

Why Hydrolyzed Proteins?

  1. More and longer lasting Amino acids.
  2. Enhanced Glycogen replenishment-Replenishing glycogen with carbohydrates post-workout enhances the recovery process and prepares your body for your next workout.
  3. Faster recovery post workout.
  4. Improved workout performance.

Protinex is one of the market leaders in this very form of Proteins and you can find their Protein Hydrolysate Powder and Protein Hydrolysate Cookies, both of which can be had with milk! They taste delicious too! They also have some amazing variants of these products that are available in the market to suit your requirements.

So, now that we have established that Protein intake is imperative, the next natural question that arises is that “How much Protein intake is apt?”. Well, just like the very core of “Protein” the answer to this question too is quite complex! The quantity and forms of Proteins needed by a body vary from Person to Person, Age to Age and Situation to Situation. So now, how does one determine how much protein their body needs?

Well, to make matters simpler, Protinex has now introduced a one of its kind “Protein Calculator” that, based on thh food you have consumed, your age and gender aims to calculate the total amount of Protein intake that an individual consumes.However, most importantly, what it also does is that it  also informs individuals on their Protein inadequacy so that they can keep intaking adequate amounts of Proteins that their body needs and thus, eventually beating the big problem of “Protein Inadequacy” in India.

Protein calculator is a simple calculator that allows people to calculate their protein intake and take actions in case of deficit. You just have to download the app, feed your every meal of the day and it tells you your intake as well as the deficit which you can then cover through protein supplements.

The grand unveiling of the Protein Calculator was done in Mumbai at the illustrious Sofitel (BKC) on the 15th of February, 2018 amongst much grandeur. Also present at the event was the biggest supporter, preacher and follower of the brand and its importance, the U-19 Cricket Captain – “Prithvi Shaw”. He himself too couldnt stress enough on the importance of “RIGHT PROTEIN INTAKE” for one’s body!

This Calculator was unveiled by an association of “Protinex” and “Danone” both of which are experts in the industry of “Health”. Given the trust that the world and India has on these brands, it does nothing but reemphasize the importance of Protein for each and every person.

So what are you waiting for? Its not too late to make your way into a better, healthier and of course, happier life with Proteins and PROTINEX!

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