Good News Dhabha – Punjab In Pune!

If you think that #Mumbai is the most neoteric and cosmopolitan when it comes to the food and nightlife scene, think again…..rather, take a minute, pack your bags, drive down for 3 hours to Pune….and then think again!

Pune has, in all my recent weekend getaways there, managed to impress me and HOW!! The restaurants and cafes in Pune are equally amazing with options of food as compared to Mumbai and the advantage is that they are much more reasonably priced than the latter!

One such place that I discovered on my recent trip to Pune is – GOOD NEWS DHABHA! True to its name, Good News Dhabha is truly very good news for the north indian food lovers in Pune!

While Pune is known for its authentic Maharashtrian food and the recent outburst if breweries and global cuisines in the city, North Indian Food was never something Pune could boast about! That will definitely change with the inception of this amazing place!

Located in the recently reinvigorated Pubtown (Creaticity) at Yerawada, Good News Dhabha, in the middle of Pune, manages to transport you to Punjab immediately!

Quirky signs everywhere that can only be related to the endearing madness of Punjab….. a section with dhabha seating……great punjabi vibe……and all this in the comfort of a fabulous city restaurant….This is the only way I can describe the decor at Good News Dhabha! Pujabiness is filled in every aspect of this place and this sets the stage for the grandeur of the food that is to follow!

Daaru and Punjabis are like synonymous with each other…one cannot be separated from the other (literally!) The cocktails at this place are a mix of the rogueness of Punjab and the classiness of a high end cocktail! The creativity that has gone into this place is clear from the variety of cocktails and mocktails that they serve.

The How Bazaar, Ginger Orange Martini and the What’s A Caprioska are my recommendations that you must try here! Super refreshing and perfectly potent!

The thing about this place that I loved is that though all their non vegetarian fare is brilliant, they have some fabulous innovative stuuf for the vegetarians too and that is something you rarely find in a north Indian restaurant!

The Veg Galouti Kebab matches up to any meaty galouti kebab (if not better) that I have eaten! Melt in your mouth gorgeous!

The must try non veg appetizers are the Amritsari Macchi Fry, the Murg Breakfail Kebabs (don’t you just love the names :P) and the Maas Ke Sule. The best part about all these non veg appetizers was the impeccable cook on them! Just perfect!

In the mains, if you are a vegetarian, the Gul Gule Palak Panner and the Langar Dal are the must haves for you here!

The Non Vegetarains, without a doubt, opt for the Railway Mutton Curry (DISH OF THE NIGHT) and the Changezi Chicken!

The best thing about all the mains here was that though it was absolutely delicious, it was not at all excessively oily or bombarded with masalas. At the end of the meal, I did not (like I usually do after a north indian meal outside), feel bloated or heavy! This is something which is definitely unique to this place and I would definitely keep coming back cos of this reason and also cos of how delicious their food is!

No matter how full you are, dont leave without trying their Matka Paan Kulfi which will give you the satisfaction of a dessert and the conclusion of a Paan!

So if you live in Pune or whenever you are travelling to Pune next, make sure you drop in for a fabulous meal at this place! Trust me, you will love it!

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