#FreshAsFirst At Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre!

Reinvention is the solution to competition! Be it anything…..Restaurants, Businesses, Artists…..and yes….Hotels too. Competition is an inevitable thing, but what makes your Business or your restaurant or your Hotel sustain this competition….that’s REINVENTION!

Now, reinventing a Colossal thing like a Hotel is a challenge…..equally colossal challenge and not many hotels take the risk of doing it! However, the iconic Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center did it….and did a SPECTACULAR job of it!

It is the many, many small things and experiences that make a Hotel experience from good to great, and I have always experienced that effort to achieve greatness at the many Novotels that I have stayed at. But Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center has almost a quintessential charm to it. A charm that oozes from every tiny aspect of your stay at this Iconic Hotel.

Located bang in the middle of Hitech City, Hyderabad, the location of this Hotel is absolutely perfect! It is literally, like LITERALLY, close to everything in Hyderabad! Be it fabulous restaurants (though you shouldn’t really be going out to eat when the food at this Hotel is so frigging good!…More on that later)….be it the historic Golconda or Charminar….be it malls…..be it theatres….or be it the latest fad – IKEA….. it is extremely convenient to travel to any of these locations from the Hotel. Also, Novotel provides car services at great rates and also plan amazing itineraries.

I want to specifically give a very special mention to the people who work at this Hotel. The thing is, that everyone who works here, is happy to be working there and that just comes out so very positively in the service that they provide to the customers. Their positivity is almost electric and manages to just make everyone around them happy to be there!

Any aspect of your life, the importance of one thing remains constant – FOOD. Think about it, whatever you do….whatever the occasion…whatever the place…..FOOD is always important!

Novotel Hyderabad recognizes that well and they have, to ensure that their guests get the best of the food, employed an army of the very best Chefs and kitchen staff that will manage to blow your mind with the variety and options of the cuisines that they offer and also with how they nail each of this Cuisine so well!

The recently transformed signature Cafe of Novotel (which was earlier known as “The Square”), has now been spruced up quite a notch and is now known as “The Food Exchange”…..and rightly so…..it truly is an exchange of food, memories, laughter and good times, all under one happy roof!

The breakfast at Novotel is absolutely glorious! It may not be the biggest spread of them all, but truly is one of the most consistently delicious ones! From in house sausages to beautiful omelettes and from the choicest of breads to the most celebrated regional dishes, they truly cover it all!

What however, will blow your mind, is the Sunday Brunch at Novotel! If glorious is an understatement in any case, it will be in this one! Live Counters from grills to chaats, Sushi, Dimsums, Oriental, Thai, Indian and MY OH MY….the Desserts…..They truly have it all!

The Lunch Spread!

They also have some great customized high teas for their guests at their beautiful French Cafe, which will truly transport you back to France!

High Tea Spread

Novotel also has their inhouse bar called – “The Bar”, yeah…Literally :p and you can have a great evening unwinding ta the Bar with some of their potent Cocktails along with delicious appetizers! Perfect Place to unwind & let your hair down!

If an A La Carte Dinner is what you are looking for, then the their romantic restaurant by the Pool – La Cantina is your calling! While the crux and heart of this beauty is Mexican Food, they have recently also started serving other cuisines and also do a lot of fun and interesting Food Festivals here! I was lucky enough to experience the Seafood Festival here and was absolutely mind blown! Also, DO NOT miss their “Tres Leches Cake”. To quote my clever self 😛 – “A dessert that would be served on Unicorn Island” :).

Choose Your Seafood at the Seafood Festival.

The Rooms at Novotel are a perfect Melange of Business & Luisure! Not only are they tailor suited for your Business trip but are also perfectly made for that fun family holiday! Neat, compact, modern and fabulous! I particularly loved that they had a Coffee Machine in each room!

There are a lot of fabulous Hotels in the world, in India and also, in Hyderabad. But how do you stand out? Its the small gestures…the tiny moments….can be anything….sending over a beautiful fruit basket…welcoming guests on the screens across the hotels…. I can go on and on….Its these gestures that make Novotel Hyderabad so special and so very relateable!

Not only does Novotel Hyderabad do a fabulous job at being a FAB Hotel, but they also do an amazing job at managing a magnanimous Convention Centre! More on that in the next post……

Until next time….

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