Food for my thoughts at The Rolling Pin!

Quattro, Spice Klub and the Rolling Pin, have been the very few vegetarian places in the city that I actually love going to.

The Rolling Pin has recently introduced some brilliant things on their menu which I recently tried. Each dish that I ordered and tried had some explosive emotions and reactions from me (yeah I am very emotional about food). It is these very emotions that I want to tell you about.

1. The Apple Pie Freakshake: 


When it came to the table –  OMG, OMG OMG! Ordering this was the best decision of my life!

When I tried it – Where is the apple? Oh yeah…its Apple Pie…hmm….quite nice….too sweet….too heavy…I dont think I can eat after this! ( I had 20 other dishes after this :P)

Verdict – Looks Great. Tastes nice and creamy. However, they should balance the sweetness of this shake!

2. The Goblets: 


When it came to the table –  Nitrogen Again *Rolls Eyes*!

When I tried it – Damn this tastes good! SO good!

Verdict – Very refreshing and perfect for these summer days!

3. The Quinoa Salad: 


When it came to the table –  Ooooo….its in a jar! Wow, I am eating healthy! (Ignores Freakshake)

When I tried it – Ok….too healthy! No! Cant do this!

Verdict – Too healthy for my liking! Quinoa was cooked well though!

4. Roasted Corn Wheels: 


When it came to the table –  Oh No! This is just pretty looking bhutta! I though it would be like a corn fritter 🙁

When I tried it – Man! Not Bad…not bad at all!

Verdict – The tangy masala on the perfectly cooked corn was absolutely delicious! Very healthy and very tasty! Do try!

5. Paneer Pretzel Strips: 


When it came to the table –  They are too less! Too less!

When I tried it – Yumzaaaaa! So good! Want more…need more!!

Verdict – The crispy pretzel coating and the delicate and luscious paneer! This dish is one you cannot stop eating!

6. Soya Kheema Pav: 


When it came to the table –  OMG! The Red Dabba is so cute! Will it fit in my bag? 😛

When I tried it – Okay! Are you sure this is vegetarian?

Verdict – This is brilliant! Tasted better than most other “real kheemas” i have tried!

7. Burgers: 

BeFunky Collage0.jpg

When it came to the table –  They come with fries! I already love! Also, never thought I would ever eat a vegetarian burger, let alone 2!

When I tried it – Damn, you fine!

Verdict – Both the Quinoa Slider and the Mushroom Explosion Burger were absolutely delicious! Also, wont judge vegetarian burgers anymore!

8. BLT Sandwich: 


When it came to the table –  The Burrata is oozing out! YESSS! Best day ever!

When I tried it – Want more burrata!

Verdict – The Sandwich was delicious yet a little dry! Burrata was delicious and a little more of it in the sandwich would work wonders!

9. Broccoli Pan Pizza: 


When it came to the table –  Can we replace broccoli with bacon? 😛

When I tried it – No need for bacon man! When did broccoli become so delicious!

Verdict – Cheesy yet homely and vegetarian yet absolutely fabulous!

10. Nutella Marshmallow Pancakes: 


When it came to the table –  So damn pretty! (Dont get too ecstatic! Might taste bad!)

When I tried it – HURRAY! Taste even better than they look! What?? No eggs?? How on earth??

Verdict – Fluffy, dreamy and perfect! I absolutely saved the best for the last!

Until next time….

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