Experience the essence of Italy at Prego!

Though I find the Indian habit of putting a “masala” (literally) twist on all cuisines quite endearing…Italian food for me is absolutely sacred!

After trying real Italian food in Italy…Italian food has to be authentic or else it just makes you mad…. Well, in the plethora of places that will put Curry leaves and stuff in your pasta…there stand tall, places like the Prego!

The Italian food at Prego will take you back to Italy and how! It’s made with authenticity and the main ingredient if Italian food…LOVE!

In recently dined at the Prego – at the Westin Hyderabad and was absolutely in love with their food!!

You can start with their authentic and ambrosial Anti Pasti which is one of the very best in the country!  Their Pasta is one of the best I have tried and so was their Anti Pasti! Try their Italian Salads (with gorgeous varieties of cheese and cold cuts), the Chicken Pockets and their amazing Bruschetta!

Prego truly serves the best varieties of Pasta and that is something that you should definitely try here. (You can tell the chef your preferences and they will prepare it just the way you want it!).

The hero of the dish for me though, was the the Grilled Chicken which was not only healthy, but so wonderfully cooked and absolutely delicious!

Don’t forget to end  a fabulous meal with their gorgeous Tiramisu!

All in all, next time you crave Italian food, think no more and just head to Prego! Trust me, you will be happy and how!


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