Celebration of Two States at Leela.

India has always been rich in 2 things – Food and Culture! And when the two things are combined, what results is a beautiful celebration of the country and everything that it stands for!

The Leela is, untill the end of this month celebrating the 2 States festival where in they are, in utmost grandeur, throwing light on the rich culinary culture of Punjab and Tamil Nadu.

Though I couldn’t pay a visit for the festival I did manage to get gorge on their Vishu (South Indian festival) special Sandhya and I was mighty impressed as always!

Attention to each and every aspect of it’s authenticity, culture and taste, the food was a gorgeous and respectable celebration of the amazing food that is eaten down in the south!

A little glimpse of all the food I tried!

The 2 States festival is on at Jamavar untill the 30th of April and you must definitely pay a visit to enjoy the fabulous celebration of the rich culinary culture of our country!

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