Butters – Restaurant Review.

Reinvention, in my experience has always been a good thing! Reinventing yourself, your hobbies, your works or even a thing has always led the way for the amazingly futuristic world that we are living in!

In the case of Butters, its reinvention from what was formerly known as “Global Chaos” has been nothing but extraordinary!

Butters is the hip new gastropub which can be in one line, described as a place that serves easy-on-the-pocket modern global cuisine coupled with some brilliant artisan cocktails.

Spread across two floors, Butters is the place to grab a quick bite or spend an electrifying evening over a delicious meal along with ambrosial cocktails.

Ah yes! COCKTAILS! An anecdote to the shittiest day that a person may be having! The Cocktails at Butters not only lift your spirits “literally”, but they do so visually too! Each and every cocktail has been designed here to create an “experience”!

The Tango Whisky is a must have for all the whisky lovers who always find themselves on dirth of fruity cocktails. Coupled with some decadent grape juice and ginger, this is one of the finest whisky cocktails I have tried.


The Victoria’s Secret is a delicious concoction of Basil & Burnt Rosemary infused white rum with passion fruit & pineapple juice.


The Godfather is indeed the godfather of all cocktails and is a must have for beer lovers!


My favorite though is their Loaded Gin Cin Apple Jack which is one of the finest gin based cocktails I have had in my life!


The menu at Butters has been designed carefully to keep a mix of traditional and modern derivations of Italian, American, Indian and Oriental cuisine in order to ensure that there is a perfect balance of cuisine options and flavors for everyone’s palate.

Their signature Macchhi Pao is one of the finest reinventions of fried fish and Pav with a fabulous mint chutney!  Absolute must have here!


The Jacket Potatoes (veg with mushroom & non veg with chicken) are absolutely gorgeous and you will not be able to stop eating these, I promise!


The Seafood preparations at Butters is what impressed me tremendously! Both the Prawns Pepper Fry and Butter Garlic Prawns were the stars of the night with the perfect freshness of the seafood, the perfect seasoning and the perfect cook on them!’

BeFunky Collageg.jpg

The Chicken Chilli & the Arancini Balls though failed to impress and are avoidable.

BeFunky Collagebgv.jpg

Though there was nothing mind blowing about the Homemade Chicken Toretllini, it sure was a homely dish full of goodness.

The one dish that Butters has absolutely nailed is the brilliant Butter Chicken Bunny Chow! Combining the South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry with the Indian delicacy of Butter Chicken, this dish will wow you and HOW!


The Prawns in Champagne Mustard Sauce as well as the Creamed Mushroom Potato Rosti are both dishes full of creamy goodness and are perfect for when you are in the mood to indulge!



Inspite of the fabulous wins in the appetizers & mains, what truly won me over were the desserts! Dont even think of leaving this place without trying their desserts!

Both the Hazelnut Crème Brulee and the Chocolate Lava Cake are desserts that will blow your mind and warm your soul and are a must try! Seriously!

BeFunky Collagenhm.jpg

All in all, apart from a couple of things that werent upto the notch that they have created for themselves, Butters was might impressive in all its aspects from its decor, cocktails and the food.

Townies, you dont need to travel to LOWER PAREL for weekends anymore 😛

Untill next time….

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