There is always, some reason that makes a meal – Memorable. Something that elevates it become an experience which is more than amazing. It maybe the company you have, the conversations, the service, the ambiance, the food or even the drinks…..But what do you say when everything I just mentioned was just about perfect? Lets call it #BurrpAtBombayCanteen!!

I want to start this post by talking about Burrp cos once I start talking about the food, I will not be able to stop easily :P.

So, till the day of this meet, I was familiar with Burrp as the market player who came 2nd in the race against their biggest competitor “He Who Must Not Be Named” :P… But that perception has now changed. The prople at Burrp spoke to us about their plans for Burrp, and honestly, what they said and how passionately they said it, really excited me about the future of Burrp and the amazing prospect of the growth of te Food industry through it. All I can say right now, is that we must give Burrp a chance and so, download their App and experience it for yourself :).

Now, lets talk about the experience at Bombay Canteen. Bomnay Canteen opened shop around 10 months back and I have been wanting to go there ever since. I had heard such amazing reviews about this place that I was many levels more than “just excited” to try this out. So, the experience we were invited for was the tasting of their soon to launch “Winter Menu” which is expected to hit the menus this month. As I was walking towards Bombay Canteen, my excitement began building up and the second I reached the entrance, I was already won over…. won over with the Board at the entrance :



Since I was invited for this experience by the FBAI, just as I was expecting to, I walked into a group of familiar and friendly people at the table. The conversations began and as the cocktails started flowing, they got chirpier and happier 😛 The menu which was specially crafted for this experience had an option of 2 Cocktails & 2 Mocktails, each of which was just as innovative as the other.

The Ganga Jamuna Margarita:  We all know about Ganga Jamuna… we have all had Ganga Jamuna at some point and ofcourse…we have all loved Ganga Jamuna (I mean, whats not to like?). So, what if you spike this favorite juice with tequila?? Crazy right?? Bombay Canteen does just that. What I absolutely loved about this cocktail was theat the juices used in it were all fresh. Lemon juice was added to the cocktail which balanced out the Tequila in the drink. I highly recommend this to all the “Santra, Mosambi” lovers.

Ganga Jamuna Margarita

The Winter Apple Cider Sangria:  Though I am not much of a Sangria person, I really liked the variations they had made to the good old Sangria. In this drink, along with some white wine and fresh apples, they had added some brandy and in this winter that is hopefully beckoning on us, this would make for a perfect drink to sip on, on a cold night.

Apple Cider Winter Sangria


The Cinnamon and Curry Leaf Iced Tea: I like everything which has cinnamon in it. Seriously! But this was even more incredible than I thought it would be. Aromatic Assam tea with some beautiful flavors of star anise and a tinge of the spice of the curry leaves. This truly makes for a perfect winter mocktail.

The Cinnamon and Curry Leaf Iced Tea (Pic Courtesy – Renuka)

Masala Coke: Ok, so I have never been a fan of Masala Coke. I like my Coke to be just Coke (or Old Monk with Coke:P). But everyone on the table was going crazy about this Mocktail. Some people mentioned that it was addictive! So I guess, the people who like Masala Soda must definitely opt for this one.

Coming to the real deal – The FOOD! The food at Bombay Canteen is categorized into the “Chhotas” (enough for one person) and the “Badas” (Shareable portions).

Our meal started with the Chhotas…….

The Kejriwal Toast: The Kejriwal toast is quite famous across the city. Bombay Canteen has done its own spin on this. This dish is basically a Crispy and crunchy toast, served with an oozy fried egg which is topped with melted gooey cheese. This toast, is served in a plate full of some spicy and coconuty green chutney. As soon as I took a bite of this toast, it was like a party in my mouth! The crunch of the toast, the gooeyness of the eggs and cheese and that shot of spice from that delectable chutney. This is  definitely a must have at Bombay Canteen.

The Kejriwal Toast.

The Cheeseling Bhel: I have this crazy memories of slyly stuffing my face with a fistful of cheeselings from my dad’s bowl of “Chakna” with his whiskey.Like me, I am pretty sure that most of the 90’s kids have very fond memories associated with Cheeselings. Bombay Canteen brings back those memories with this crazy Cheeseling Bhel. This is basically, cheeselings mixed with some apples, chillies and sev and then dressed with some mustard oil. Though the aroma and the heat of the mustard oil is overwhelming at first, it gradually grows on you and trust me, you cannot stop eating this.

Cheeseling Bhel

Spicy Chettinad Desi Tacos: All the Gujaratis in the house, take a deep breath. Bombay Canteen does something to your beloved Thepla that you wouldnt be too happy about. But trust me, everyone else is going to be ecstatic about! This dish is a fusion where Gujju land urf “Thepla” meets the South urf “Chettinad Chicken”. The thepla is topped with Chettinad Chicken and some purple cabbage. The spice of the Chicken, the crunch of the Cabbage and the soft texture of the theplas…its like a combo made in heaven!

The Spicy Chettinad Desi Tacos.

The Mushroom Seekh Kebab:  I have had vegetarian seekh kebab quite a few times, but a Mushroom Seekh Kebab? Never until this day. Beautiful fresh mushrooms are made into this delicate seekh kebab with the most amazing texture. All I can say is that given a choice,  I would opt for this over any Mutton Seekh Kebab anywhere.

Mushroom Seekh Kebab

We consciously made an effort to keep our appetite for the Badas, and boy am I glad we did! We were served 3 varieties of the Badas – The Sarson Da Saag, the Choriz Per Eedu and the Videshi Style Baingan Bake.

Sarson Da Saag: Honestly, when I saw this on the menu, I wasnt very excited. I have never liked anything green to eat (except the green beer on St. Patricks Day) :P. But Seriously, I wasnt to keen on trying this dish. Ironically, this very dish, turned out to be the Dish of the Day for me. OMG!! The saag was unbelievably creamy and was topped with some fresh white butter, caramalized onions and a piece of jaggery. The combination was unbelievable, seriously! This was accompanied by some sweetish, freshly baked Corn Bread as an alternative to the classic Makke Di Roti. Brilliant job with this dish! I am going back soon for this! 🙂

Sarson Da Saag

The Videshi Style Baingan Bake:  This is basically Bombay Canteen’s take on the Baingan Ka Bharta. Though it was quite interesting to eat and that tomato sauce that it was sitting in was fab, I preferred the rest of the dishes above this. So did the others on the table.

The Videshi Style Baingan Bake – Loved the Plate.

The Choriz Per Eedu: I dont want to write much about this cos I am seriously drooling right now! If you are a Chorizo fan, ORDER THIS. This is like a creamy mix of Chorizo and mashed potatoes which is topped with a soft boiled egg! This is accompanied by some butter- buttery pav. There is no element in this that I did not like. Just Fab!

The Choriz Per Eedu

After this extremely satisfying (ok… understatement alert) meal, I, through the corner of my eye peeped into the dessert section of the menu, hoping for their Masala Chai Popsicle….I read Gajar Halwa and my hopes dropped. I have never been a Gajar Halwa person and I was sure that I am not going to enjoy this dessert. But one thing  Bombay Canteen has done to me is change the things that I never ate to the things I am soon going back to eat. This Gajar Halwa Toffee Pudding was a sheer Masterstroke. The soft, warm and delicious pudding was topped with these delectable candied carrots and was sitting on this Toffee – Tamarind sauce that you just physically cannot stop eating. You haven’t quite had anything if you havent had this!

The Gajar Halwa Toffee Pudding

So, finally after the long 10 month anticipation, my visit to Bombay Canteen definitely proved that its much better than the whole hype surrounding it. The people working here, chefs, servers, bartenders, everyone, do it from their heart and it truly shows in the Final product. I specially recommend this to the kids from the 70’s-90’s. You will get truly nostalgic. I know I did!

To end this, I would just like to say that at this memorable meet, We Came…..We drank….We ate… and yes we finally did #BurrpAtBombayCanteen.








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