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How many times is it that you crave for a good meal, think of cooking it yourself, then remember that you need to prepare those meats and veggies and sauces and eventually just order an unhealthier version of it from some place? Almost daily right? Well, Burgundy Box has come up with a solution for us. With some amazing DIY boxes at offer, they aim at giving is an overall delicious yet healthy experience!

So what is this box? Well, all you need to do is go on their website and order the meal you wish to eat and they will send you a neatly packed box of freshly prepped ingredients in perfect quantities. You absolutely DO NOT need anything except your cooking pan to make the meal. Like seriously nothing! (They send you oil too 😱).

I called for the DIY boxes for Burmese Khau Suey and the Chicken Kra Pao and I was so so so very happy with the outcome!

All their DIY boxes look like this and are neatly packed and arranged inside this sturdy “Burgundy Box”.


Khow Suey

These were the ingredients inside the DIY box with the ingredient and recipe card too. Everything from oil, veggies, noodles, sauces to the condiments were fresh and extremely well packed.

All you need to do is follow the recipe just like its given on that card. No need to measure anything or cut anything or smell anyhing.

DSCN1506 (1).jpg
Final Product of the Khow Suey. Doesnt it look professional?

Kra Pao Chicken

Kra Pao is one of my favorite thai dishes ever. But the sad part is that not many thai restaurants in Bombay serve this dish. I was elated when i saw this in their DIY box list and promptly ordered one to check it out for myself.

Tses were the contents of the box, from the raw and marinated chicken, to the steamed rice to the fresh basil leaves and to the egg too!
Final plated up Kra Pao was so so so damn good!

Apart from the amazing food that we get to eat, what I loved about this conceot is the fact that we know exactly what we are adding to make this dish. Also, when you make something yourself (DIY), you get this extra jubiliation on its success! I know I do!

Their meals are enough for 2 people with decent appetite and are extremely well priced for the quality of the ingredients they give.

I highly recommend that you try this out cos as they say “Happiness is Homemade”!


Burgundy Box delivers  to selected areas across Mumbai and you can oder from the Burgundy Box website here.

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