August Moon Festival at China INC. (Taj Santacruz)

A meal that you are served anywhere….be it your home, a hotel, a dhabha, a gurudwara or a restaurant….anywhere, absolutely anywhere, is not just an product of some food raw materials and the talent of a chef. It is the history behind it, the story of the chef, the journey that led the chef here….and so much more….that make any food that you eat distinct and extraordinary.

Before I start about the incredible food at China INC, I must talk about the chef here. The self taught, and one of the most incredible chefs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Listening to his life story of what and how led him here was magical in every sense and that laid the foundation of an incredible meat that was to follow soon after!

The Moon Festival in China is, much like Diwali in India, celebrated in style! Families come together and celebrate in the most incredible way with some delicious Moon Cakes and much more!

The chefs at the amazing Chinese restaurant at China INC. have curated a very exclusive menu for the August Moon Festival and each dish on this menu that I tried was incredible in its own way!

The Winter Melon & Morsels Broth is light, delicious and perfect for the winters.

The Chicken Peking Soup was everything that is soothing in this world for now and was absolutely smashing in its flavors.


Each and every appetizer and dimsum that we tried was smashing! I specially loved the Stuffed Tofu, Crispy Pumpkin Roll, the Spiral Prawn Roll and the Sauteed Shrimp with Asparagus, Chili Drizzle.

The must have mains are the Sauteed Crab Meat with Snow White Bean Thread which you must pair this with their absolutely smashing Sticky Rice with Marbled Eggs or their Wok Tossed Noodles.


They also have a pretty incredible Sagoo Pudding which you can try. No Moon festival meal is complete without Moon Cakes (sweet cakes made from red beans). If you want to try this delicacy anywhere in the city, this is the place you must try it at! So good that you cannot get enough!

All in all, the food for the Moon Festival at China INC, is nothing short of the display of grandeur that happens in china. They have curated some smashing food for this festival and you should not miss this one!

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