August Cafe – Restaurant Review

Cafe, a concept which was originated in France, is one of the many things that is grossly misused in India! Every TDH nowadays serves Pav Bhaji with an overdose of cheese and calls itself a Cafe!

Well, a refreshing change from all these “CAFES – NOT” is August Cafe! It is definitely an addition to the countable list of places that I would like to be known as “Cafes” in the city!

Located in Lokhandwala, August cafe is tucked away quietly in the residential area of the ever buzzing Lokhandwala! Though it has a kind of simplicity to its appearance, it is combined with an elegance and a class that would make you want to go in!

We started our meal at August Cafe with their signature soups – the Forest Mushroom Soup and the Burnt Corn Chowder. While the Forest Mushroom Soup was as good as it gets, the Burnt Corn Chowder was a heavenly concoction that will want you to keep sipping on it all day everyday!
The food at this place is not something u don’t get anywhere else, however the execution of each dish here is absolutely authentic and sophisticated!
The Butter Sage Gnocchi and the Mediterranean Platter here are are must have in the appetizers. so is the Garlic Bread with cheese which is a fab version of the classic! They bake their bread in-house which absolutely makes a difference not only to this and all their other dishes that have bread as an element!
The must have mains are the Cipolla Pizza and the Truffle Pasta which has the perfect proportions of truffle oil to the pasta unlike others who always….always over do it!!
August Cafe all boasts of an amazing all day Breakfast Menu and the Chicken Salami Omelette here paired with their fabulous Coffees and beverages will make all your breakfast dreams come true!
End your meal with their selection of amazing desserts! The Cheesecake was m personal  favorite of the lot!
August cafe, at rates affordable to everyone, is serving authentic and delicious food that has been made with the best of ingredients and produce! The passion and love for food of the siblings who have started this venture shows in each element of this place and it is truly heartening to experience that!
Do visit this place and show them some love!
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