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Replacing the very successful in its time Villa 69, A Bar Called Life is the new swanky and specious space in Juhu which absolutely has to be your new party destination. The interiors of this place has been designed to cater for a romantic date as well as wild party destination. But the most special thing about this place is that from 6 p.m. when it opens until 11 P.M it is perfect for a nice laid back in evening with a loved one or some chilling with your friends and post 11 pm this place transforms into a high energy bar with elements that you have never seen before, designed to make each night memorable. It’s like having two dates in one evening!!

The cocktails that have been designed at this place and something that a place in Mumbai is doing for the very first time. Each and every Cocktail that has been curated in the menu is originating from India and from a recipe that has been long forgotten. Every drink that I tried had an extremely special story behind it and listening to the passionate stories behind the cocktails (which the servers are more than happy to share) is truly an enriching and elevating experience.

My two absolute favourite cocktails were the Gulaabo and the Meetha Paan.

While the Gulaabo was a subtly gently concoction of White wine, campari and vodka, the thing that elevated this cocktail was the fruity infused ice that was put inside this drink that made sure that the cocktail changed its flavors as the ice melted along!


The Meetha Pan on the other hand is a perfectly balanced concoction of Gulkand Syrup, orange bitters and vodka and is a must try for all Paan Lovers!

Meetha Paan

The Taaza Kalingar, which means fresh watermelon, is an edible cocktail that is vodka infused frozen watermelon balls. This is extremely refreshing and is perfect for people like me who don’t want to taste the alcohol in their cocktails.

Taaza Kalingar

The Saeb Chini and the Kharbooza Daiquiri are also really good if you are in the mood for something classic.

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The food menu, conceptualized by Executive Chef Amninder Sandhu, offers a range of wholesome, hearty finger foods and mains that are perfect for snacking on while enjoying the extensive cocktail menu. The food too has been inspired by ‘lost  Indian authentic recipes,’ drawing on techniques and preparation methods passed down through generations.Not only was every single thing that I tried absolutely brilliant, but the presentation on each dish too was a visual delight!.

The thing I liked best about the food here is that each item reflects a deep understanding of regional Indian influences, which are unified in the recipes and presentation alike.

The Bombil Fry was my absolute favorite dish here! Not only was the bombil fried to perfection, but the sprinkle of malvani peanut crumble to it elevated the dish to another level altogether!

Bombil Fry

The Sheekh Shirmal too was a cracker of a dish with some luscious seekh kebab wrapped in a fragrant saffron flat bread!


The Masala Lasan Jhinga too was bang on it terms of flavor, but I would’ve loved it more if it was served DE- shelled!

Masala Lasan Jhinga

Though I couldn’t try a lot of mains, the Goli Biryani  and the Korri Roti were fabulous dishes in terms of it flavor, presentation as well as authenticity.

Korri Roti
Goli Biryani


There is no way in HELL that you should even think of leaving this place without trying their Nolen Gur Ice Cream. Creamy, textural and dreamy, it truly is everything good in this world on a plate!

Nolen Gur Ice Cream

The Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa, though delicious, was quite heavy, and given a choice, I would definitely skip this and have an extra portion of that Nolen Gur Ice Cream!

Kaali Gaajar Ka Halwa

The thing that amazed me about this place is their modest pricing! They are very, very well priced for the ace quality of the stuff they are offering. Moreover,  he bar offers competitively-priced alcoholic beverages, with prices starting as low as Rs. 50 per drink each evening at 6:00 p.m., and rising every hour, on the hour, until 11 pm! Pretty awesome eh?

All in all, A Bar Called Life has truly given a “new life” to the nightlife & dining scene in Mumbai. From fabulous ambience, ace cocktails and the finest food in the city, this place is sure to show you more than just “a good time”!

Absolute MUST TRY!

Until next time….

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