5 Pet Friendly Restaurants in Mumbai.

I dont expect people without pets to understand the significance of this post. Pets are NOT EASY! Not at all. Why is that you may ask……Its not because we have to bathe them, clean them, supervise them, give them attention, etc. etc…..these are the easy things!

The hardest thing to do when you have pets is leaving them alone at home when you go out to eat with the rest of the family. I know for a fact that for people who have pets, they too ARE FAMILY and the huge dearth of Pet friendly restaurants in Mumbai can only mean one thing – THEY JUST DONT GET IT!

Anyhoo, after a lot of struggling, reading up, begging and researching I have listed some of the decent places in the city where your furry friend can tag along. If you have any additions to this list, PLEASE OH PLEASE let me know through your comments! (I will be eternally thankful).

Hoppipola (Bandra)

Disclaimer – Pets are allowed only in the Bandra outlet of Hoppipola ( in the open section).

Hoppipola is a known place in the party scene of Mumbai. The huge Khar oytlet of Hoppipola has an open air section which is open to your furry friends. Apart from serving some greatt Sangrias and Pizzas, Hoppi serves these AMAZING mashed potatoes which I absolutely LOVE!

Pic Courtesy – Zomato

Gostana Cafe (Khar)

This Minikin like, but dainty safe located in the interiors of Bandra is known to be home to Zizou (the adorable doggie of the owner). Gostana is a healthy cafe serving innovative things like “Steamed Chicken Nuggets”. My favorite thing to eat here is their fabulous Butter Chciken Burger!

PS – If told in advance, ther will also provide yummy treats for your pet! 🙂

Pic Courtesy – Zomato

Revival Restaurant (Chowpatty)

This iconic restaurant known for its thali is not very familiarly, also a pet friendly restaurant. They have a special menu for your pets which you can order treats for your oet from. This is the only pet freindly restaurant I know in Mumbai which allows pets in the A/C section too!

Though this place is famous for its thali, I personally enjoyed their a la carte food much more than the thali!

OMG Resto Cafe (Andheri)

Located in the restaurant hub of Andheri right next to Oh! Calcutta, this brand new cafe has ra6pidly become a favorite joint for grabbing a quick bite in Andheri. Cute and petite in size and looks, this cafe serves some amazing food and milkshakes and I wa sestatic to learn that this place is pet friendly too! What more? If requested, they are willing to organize birthday parties for your furry friend too! YAY!


Zoo Bar (Vile Parle)

ZooBar has been in the news in the food scene in Mumbai with their unusual location and fabulous food! The best part? Your four legged pals can tag along with you and relish on the treats in their adorable little pet’s menu. Zoo Bar has a fab fab fabulous Sunday Brunch at which you must try with your pets! 🙂

Pic Courtsey – Zomato.

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