5 Must Try Burgers in Bandra!

I still remember the first time I ever had a burger. The Chicken Maharaja Mac! The nine year old fat kid that I was, fell in love with the concept of the vastness and unhealthiness of it all! Though, for the longest time, Mcdonalds was the only place we would get burgers at, things are not same anymore. I mean honestly, when I get my frequent Burger cravings, McDonalds isnt even in the list of options anymore.

A good Burger for me should be self sufficient. Any burger that makes you reach for ketchup is NOT a good burger. Also, I personally feel, ketchup kills the taste of food 😛

With the recent surge of great cosy cafes in Bandra, I think it has truly become the hub for great Burgs in the city. So all you guys craving  a neat Burger, can visit these 5 places in Bandra which I have, after a lot of visits, very thoughtfully narrowed down and trust me, you will not be dissapointed!

Number 5 – The Chicken Mighty Melt Burger at Me So Happi.


A juicy grilled Chicken Patty sitting on some fresh lettuce and crisy bacon and topped with a runny and gooey half fried egg…..all this is between a beautifully buttery grilled soft bun. The only thing I would ever change about this Burger is maybe add a little tang to it! One of the meanest Burgers in the city, this is one of the things that I just have to order when I dine at Me so Happi.

Number 4 – The Kolamburg at The Desi Deli.


The name “Kolamburg” comes from the Marathi name of Prawns which is “Kolambi”. I am a big seafood buff. But when it comes to burgers, I am very skeptical about opting for Sea food burgers due to my past experiences of there hardly being any seafood content in the patty or the seafood not being fresh. Owing to my innumerable amazing past experiences with Burgers at Desi Deli, I decided to give this a try and BOY I am glad I did! Believe you me, each bloody bite of that beautiful burger had a mouthful (if not more) of prawns in it! On top of that, the fresh gherkins gave the whole burger the perfect contrast. If you are a seafood buff, then you absolutely must put this in your “to eat” list! 😀

Number 3 – The Water Buffalo Cheese Burger at Between Breads.


Since its inception some years back, Between Breads, this tiny and comfy place in the lanes of Pali Hill has been very clear in its priorities. Good Food and Better Food! No shooshaa in their appearance, No loud Music, No alcohol….it is just the amazing food that they serve that has kept this place going! The Water Buffalo Cheese Burger here is one of the grubiest (I dont think “grubiest” is a word :P) and the cheesiest Burger you will have. You know that craving for some meaty, cheesy grub after some heavy drinking? Well, this is  like the perfect solution to that! They give you an option to add extra bacon to it and unless you are really thick in the head (or well, religious purposes), I suggest that you add as much bacon as you can afford :P.

Number 2 – The Crunchy Chicken Burger at Frisbees.

Image source – Zomato.

I never order Burgers at home. I like to eat them fresh at the restaurant ALWAYS. But when, at a recent house party I went to, my friend insisted that I specifically try the Cruchy Chicken Burger from Frisbees, I gave in for once and decided to try it out! Behold! When the Burger reached us, the patty was still surprisingly crunchy and that Burger…OMG…so bloody good! I don’t know what it is about it…the beetroot sauce that they put in the Burger of the amazing chicken patty…but everything in this Burger works so very well for it amd is thus No.2 on my list! 😀

Number 1 – The Lush Lamb Burger at The Desi Deli (again).


The Lush Lamb Burger at Desi Deli is inarguably the Best Burger I have had in India! Ever since I have eaten this Burger, I cannot stop recommending it to everyone I know! Lusious and freshly grilled Lamb patty topped with some beautiful fresh apples  and cheddar and then topped with some crispy fried onion…..it just DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS!


So that’s all from this post! I hope you guys try out these burgers and do let me know what you thought of them.

Signing off until next time <3……


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