5 Best Matcha preparations in Mumbai!

There are some things, places or experiences that generate extreme reactions. Some fall in love with it and some detest it with all their heart! Matcha is one such ingredient!

Matcha is one of the very recent “almost revolution” that us echoing commoners in the city have adopted and made our own! Though most of the people who claim to love “Matcha” have just been wheedled into doing so, there are some like me, who truly adore this amazing gift that the world has received from Japan.

Slowly yet prodigally, the Matcha revolution is spreading accross the city and I am loving every bit of it! There are already quite  lot of places that are creating some fabulous dishes using Matcha and these are 5 of my absolute favorites of the lot!

5 –The Liquid Hazelnut with Matcha at Papaya.

Matcha sprinkles with a gooey chocolaty matcha cake with a hazelnut chocolate center! Need I say more??


4 – The Matcha Ice Cream at Myxx or the Matcha Ice Cream at Burma Burma.

Located in Juhu, Myxx is very famously known for its Italian food and their cocktails. Not many people know that they do a neat Matcha Ice Cream too! Made right in front of you with Matcha Powder, Condensed Milk, Heavy Cream and liquid nitrogen, this one is creamy, delicious and looking at it getting made right in front of you just adds to the whole experience of this awesomeness of an ice cream!


Burma Burma too does a pretty great Matcha Ice Cream!


3 – The Matcha Tart at The Fatty Bao.

Though I don’t have a picture of this one, you can paint one of an amazing crumbly tart with a gooey liquid center of matcha green tea and all this with a delicious chocolate sorbet. Does not get better than this! Oh wait! It does 😛

2. The Green Tea Tiramisu at Verbena.

Tiramisu is a dish that generally translates to the use of coffee. Verbena however does a fabulous twist to that very element and replaces coffee with Green Tea i.e. Matcha. The result – AWESOMENESS!


1. The Iced Espresso- Matcha (Teavana) at Starbucks.

For people who know me, they will not be surprised by my choice for the Numero Uno in  this list. You however have to try it to believe how perfect and delicious it is! The subtle and mischievous amalgamation of Green Tea and Espresso, innovation using Matcha does not get better than this!


Matcha is becoming super duper popular in the city and I for one cannot be happier! Are there any Matcha preparations in the city you have tried and loved? Let me know and I will want to try it!!

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