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Amidst a lot of buzz surrounding it, Hello Guppy made its way into the city of Mumbai last week and these are my 13 Reasons Why you should be elated about it! (Don’t worry, you do not need any tapes for these:P)

Reason 1 – The Decor

The walls  of Hello Guppy have been treated in a sort of alluring respect by  interior designer Anshu Arora Sen. Though this place will give you flashes of a Mamagoto or a Fatty Bao, on close look you will realize that this place has a very individualistic charm to it. Every table at Hello Guppy is transformed into a fun Japanese ping pong machine and the walls plead a sort of allegiance to Japan.

The art, accessories and everything in between that is used to design this place just enhances the appeal of it all.

Reason 2 – The Location

A relief from all the fabulous places opening up in Powai, Thane et all, Hello Guppy has opened up in the prime area of BKC and I couldn’t be happier!

Reason 3 – The Menu

Brief yet descriptive and limited yet interesting, the menu of Hello Guppy will get you excited  when you look at it and hungry when you read it!

Reason 4 – The Service

The staff at Hello Guppy is courteous, smiling and they actually give you a sense that they love their job! They are well informed of the menu and the cuisine which is a big help given that not many people are well aware about the cuisine that is served here.

Reason 5 – The Cocktails

Fabulous concoctions created using exclusive and contemporary ingredients, innovative concepts and some premium alcohol, the cocktails at Hello Guppy are a must try! My favorite of the lot was the Atom Bomb which was an amazing combination of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Passion Fruit Nectar and apple.


The Bitter Sweet Symphony was nice and smoky and is a must have for whiskey lovers.


The Fisherman’s Tonic was refreshing with a great mixture of gin, elderflower and cucumber and the Berry Bonanza was fruity and almost like their version of a Red Wine Sangria.


Reason 6 – Its not just about Sushi!

Japanese food is so, so much more than just Sushi! In fact sushi is just 1% of the awesomeness that is Japanese food!

Hello Guppy is one of the countable restaurants in India which recognizes this and the variety of Japanese food that they have on offer is absolutely incredible!


Reason 7 – Sushi, sushi and sushi!

Japanese food in India cannot even be imagined without the inclusion of SUSHI! Hello guppy has very classic variety of sushi options which are free from any sort of gimmicks and maneuvers. Each and every sushi that I tried was spot on authentic and absolutely delicious. My 2 favorites though were the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Avacado, Cucumber and Cream Cheese Roll. 

PS. The sushi here can we swapped with black rice for a nominal amount and you must definitely try at least one variety with Black Rice!

Reason 8 – Ramen

Ramen, i believe is the best thing that exists in Japanese cuisine and Hello Guppy is one of the very few places which nails a Ramen Bowl! You have to try it here!

Reason 9 – Some More Ramen

When I say that I cannot get enough of Ramen, I mean that I cannot get enough of Ramen!

Apart from their gorgeous Ramen Bowls, Hello Guppy serves some absolutely prodigious Ramen Burgers which you must not miss out on!

I tried their BBLT Ramen Burger which was some Ramen Bun encompassing a gorgeous Pork Belly, crunchy bacon and some lettuce, tomato and cheese.


Reason 10 – Bowls and more Bowls!

Donburri Bowl is a Japanese “rice bowl dish” consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered  together  and served over rice.

Hello Guppy does a huge variety of Donburri bowls out of which (no points for guessing), I tried the Chashu Pork Belly Donburri Bowl.  Apple Balsamic Vinegar glazed pork belly and bacon over some soft rice and khimchi…this was absolute heaven!


Hello Guppy also does this amazing Takikomi Bowl which is a dreamy marriage between Italian and Japanese. The Takikomi Rice with Salmon  is creamy and dreamy!


Reason 11 – Udon

Though a lot of places in the city have Udon Noodles, not many understand the care that you have to take while cooking these noodles.

The cook and the taste of the Prawn Udon Noodles that I tried at Hello Guppy was one of the best I have tried in India and if you want to experience the real Udon noodle beauty, this is the place for you.


Reason 12 – Matcha Fondant

Very recently, I did a post on my favorite Matcha preparations in the city and I have to say that the No.1 spot now stands replaced! The Matcha Fondant here at Hello Guppy celebrates matcha in its most glorious form and if you are trying Matcha for the first time, this is the place and the dish for you!


PS. I also tried their Blueberry Crepe with fruits and brandy and I absolutely HATED it!

Reason 13 – The Pricing

Its not like Hello Guppy is cheap. Its not cheap for sure. But for the quality and the authenticity of the food that is dished out here, they are more than just value for money!

The premium quality ingredients and the colossal technique that goes behind each item served at Hello Guppy is more than justified with the very reasonable price that they charge for it!

All in all, apart from these 13 reasons why Hello Guppy should be next on your places to visit, I have to say that this place is the start of the revolution of Japanese Food in its true form. I can now say that Japanese cuisine has ARRIVED in the city and Hello Guppy has welcomed it in the most glorious way that one could.

Until next time…

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